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Console Wars — Game Makers Reduce Price to Outsell Competitors

NPD released their dour statistics about videogames having a mega drop in sales …


Speculation is also out there that this decline may spark another price drop from the big three. There has already been buzz about the PS3 unveiling a slimmed down version of their console much like Microsoft did with their non-hard drive model last year – published 8/14

So guess what? — PS3 had their price drop officially announced last week and now Microsoft, surprise surprise, has just announced a price drop on their Elite 120 gig model. In fact the old 20 gig models won’t even be available anymore and they’re phasing out the pro (60 gig) as well. This news was so big it even made it to the blips of CNN’s Headline News. Where’s my props CNN?

Interesting timing don’t you think? For one thing this once again evens out the pricing model with Sony and it then comes down to getting a gaming console with a great social media/online gaming element versus a really good blu-ray player and gaming console. Either way you’re getting a good deal if you’re just jumping into the market for buying a console. For the owners of older 360s that have suffered hardware failure time and time again, getting a replacement of the original 20 gig model, it seems, will no longer be an option. How this will work remains to be seen.

Will they just keep sending out refurbished models?

The bigger bonus for both Sony and Microsoft though is with cheaper consoles going into the fall season both companies stand to garner a whole new customer base from gamers who will gladly pay a lower price to get more memory and less RROD or in the PS3’s case an affordable blu-ray player/gaming console.

Does this mean we’re looking at a good old fashioned console war that we haven’t seen the likes of since the last generation of machines? Possibly.

With graphical capabilities pretty much the same on both systems and more and more non-exclusive titles (minus the Halos and the Resistances) outside the clear difference in terms of what these machines do, it’s really a matter of personal preference.

Where does Nintendo fall into all of this? It may not be a factor at all. Well the Wii was already the cheapest. Considering that the Wii is still not serving up the kind of games its two competitors offer in terms of depth and graphical quality, for all intents and purposes it becomes the family/kid/starter console. In the last round the Gamecube was a strong competitor on the gaming level but the Wii has yet to deliver a Gears of War or Uncharted that makes it a true challenge to what Sony and Microsoft have on tap.

So for now we’ll have to wait and see if these price drops will spark a rise in console sales which have not been strong all year and how this will play into consumers then going out and buying all the new releases to play on their more affordable machines.

by Shawn Deena, Set on Stun

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