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North Carolina Symphony’s David Hartman to Tour with Legends of Aerospace

North Carolina Symphony broadcast host David Hartman will join the “Legends of Aerospace Tour” to visit American military bases and an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, March 4-13. Hartman, the original host of Good Morning America, will moderate panel discussions on each stop of the tour.

For nearly three decades, Hartman has created and written numerous programs on aviation and space, including with the original Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronauts.

“I’m grateful for the privilege of visiting our men and women in uniform,” says Hartman. “We welcome the opportunity to express our respect and gratitude for their service and commitment to protect our freedoms and safety and, it is hoped, the freedoms and safety of people in the Middle and Near East.”

Famous aviators and astronauts participating in the tour include: Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan, the first and last men on the moon; Jim Lovell, Commander of Apollo 13; Bob Gilliland, who was Chief Test Pilot and first man to fly the SR-71 Blackbird; and Ret. General Steve Ritchie, the only Air Force Pilot Ace since the Korean War. Jeff Kluger, Senior Time magazine writer and co-author of Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13, will also participate.

The tour will log more than 15,000 flight miles, meet with over 10,000 troops, give away thousands of items, present motivational speeches and panel discussions and host numerous meet-and-greets with American soldiers, sailors, marines and aviators.

The Legends of Aerospace Tour was developed by Morale Entertainment, an organization that works with the Pentagon and Armed Forces Entertainment to build troop morale in innovative new ways.

As the official Department of Defense agency for providing entertainment to U.S. military personnel overseas, Armed Forces Entertainment and its performers have the honor of supporting military personnel around the world.

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2 Responses

  1. These gentlement just came through (09MAR10) the location I’m deployed at (SWA) – it was AMAZING to shake their hands and talk with them – I really appreciate them taking the time to visit – I watched the events they accomplished as I grew up, it was a once in a lifetime experience to meet them (history-makers)!

  2. The “Legends of Aerospace Tour” just came through our base in Europe. It was AMAZING to see and listen to these men. Mr. Hartman did a superb job moderating this event; it seemed as if these gentlemen had been on tour for months, not just days. A big thanks to Morale Entertainment (and everyone else) who helped put this together! I’ve been in the Armed Forces since the early 1980’s and this was by far the best entertainment I have witnessed…Fantastic!