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lit-detail-onStarring Melissa Gilbert, as Ma

Restoring our faith in the future by recalling the stories of our past

Little House on the Prairie has remained one of the most popular and beloved celebrations of early Americana since the appearance of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s popular classic book series 70 years ago. Now the inspirational stories take on a brand new frontier in an uplifting new musical. Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura for 10 years in the much loved television series, continues her legacy by starring as Ma. Families will continue to fall in love with these life affirming stories about the Ingalls’ struggles and triumphs through the celebration of the pioneering spirit and the core values on which this country was founded ­ a spirit that resonates within each of us today.


“THERE ARE FEW LITERARY LEGACIES AS BELOVED AS THAT OF LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. The musical’s components are delivered with near-seamless professionalism. Melissa Gilbert, now playing “Ma,” carries her iconic past with a good deal of grace and sings to touching effect. Director Francesca Zambello has clearly envisioned a show that favors heart.”- Variety

“A PURPLE-SKY, GOLDEN-WHEAT ODE TO FRONTIER AMERICA. The musical hits its target-breezes of Oklahoma and John Ford westerns sweep across the scenic landscape by Adrianne Lobel. Rachel Portman’s celebratory score and Rachel Sheinkin’s script salute pioneers who turned dirt into amber waves of grain.”- Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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