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Judith Viorst Lucy’s Book Club

Judith Viorst Lucy's Book Club

MY–OH WOW!–BOOK by Judith Viorst “I’m lying here /and I’m sick in bed /with a terrible / horrible /pain in my head, and these funny bumps / that my ma says look / like the chicken pox, and my–oh wow!–book, and some Band-Aids (six) / for the spots I hurt / where I fell on stones / when I missed the dirt, and my–oh wow!–book, and my swollen thumb / that the door slammed on, and this aching stomach / from fifths on root beer / and thirds on pie, and my–oh wow!–book, which I’m not gonna die / til I finish.” From “If I were in charge of the world” and other worries: poems for children and their parents

Judith Viorst Lucy’s Book Club Lucy Daniels Center

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