“The Rusty Bucket Kids” TV Show to Broadcast on Wilmington’s WILM on May 22

Cast members to sign autographs at Golden Corral at Wilmington’s Monkey Junction from 4-6 pm

Kevin McDermott directing JohnColeman, Roxanna and Charlie Gaddy day 8 of filming. © RBKC, Inc.

“The Rusty Bucket Kids” (TRBK) television show announces a partnership with WILM-TV as its one-hour show, “Lincoln, Journey to 16,” will broadcast on Saturday, May 22 at Noon. In addition, Golden Corral will sponsor the show with additional support from Sunny 104.5 FM, “Wilmington’s Best Mix While You Work” radio station.

“Think ‘Back To The Future’ meets the History Channel,” said the show creator and executive producer, John Demers. “Everyone loves trains, time travel and history, we have all that. We have outstanding talent in front of and behind the camera, all based right here in North Carolina. Our distribution partner, WILM, is perfect for ‘The Rusty Bucket Kids, Lincoln Journey to 16.’ There is a lack of healthy, family programming on broadcast TV, and WILM-TV truly understands the need for family edutainment, what we refer to as educational entertainment appropriate for the entire family. We are delighted to see how well people of all ages are enjoying the show’s creative and educational side.”

“WILM is delighted to be airing this homegrown television production that not only is educational but is also entertaining for kids of all ages,” said general manager Constance Knox.  “From North Carolina talent, we hope you enjoy ‘The Rusty Bucket Kids.’”

“Golden Corral is proud to support this new television show, filmed in our home state of North Carolina with local actors, especially since the first Golden Corral was founded right here in North Carolina in 1973. We provide wholesome food in a family-friendly atmosphere, and we believe that The Rusty Bucket Kids shares our values and is bringing a healthy show to family members of all ages,” said Jeff Shea, general manager of the Wilmington location where actors will be signing autographs.

TRBK recently received the coveted Dove Family Approved designation from the Dove Foundation, whose mission is to encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment.

TRBK show is produced in Apex, New Hill and at the New Hope Valley Railway in Bonsal. The show is part of a new, unique business paradigm being unveiled in North Carolina. The transitional media, or transmedia, distribution model uses the show to promote existing area businesses as filming locations, while at the same time highly emphasizing the value of visibility for show sponsors and advertisers. This approach demonstrates the continued importance TV broadcast content to reach smart viewers. Trailblazer Studios in Raleigh is another strategic partner in this transmedia launch.

Steamy, The train through time

TRBK also satisfies a growing need for quality family-friendly programming. A critical research effort which supports this push was conducted by the Association of National Advertisers Alliance for Family Entertainment in spring of 2009. The research was designed to better understand what consumers are seeking in family-friendly TV as well as the impact of programming on the efficacy of advertising. The most important finding was the clear desire for more options when it comes to quality entertainment for the family. In fact, only 23% of respondents reported being satisfied with the amount of family-oriented programming currently available. And in another study conducted jointly between Walmart and Procter & Gamble (P&G), 85% of respondents said they would go out of their way to “find and watch quality family-friendly programming.” From an advertising perspective, both studies reinforced the importance of family-friendly advertising appearing in the context of family-friendly TV content and the degree to which consumer perceptions of a company are shaped by the TV shows, events and activities which they sponsor. In response, Walmart and P&G joined forces to produce their own family-friendly TV programming, beginning with “Secrets of The Mountain,” a TV movie which debuted on NBC on April 16.

TRBK show is written and directed by Kevin Robert McDermott, and based on the story created by Demers. McDermott is a noted and well-respected Hollywood youth talent coach. His coached protégés have been nominated or won 15 national and international awards. These include the Oscar, the Emmy, the Golden Globe, and Peoples Choice awards.

The Rusty Bucket Kids live in the small southern town of Peak City, played by the Town of Apex, North Carolina. Roxanna Demers, age 11, (as Roxanna Peakssen) and JohnColeman Demers, age 9, (as JohnColeman Peakssen) travel back in history on Steamy, played by The New Hope Valley Railway Steam Locomotive No. 17 and Caboose No. 308.  Roxanna and JohnColeman visit famous people of American history, who are still in their teenage years.

Scott Andrew Taylor

In this show, Scott Andrew Taylor, age 15, stars as a young Abraham Lincoln, who struggles with school and self-education when he has to stay at home and help his father and family with work. Other local celebrity cast members of note include former WRAL-TV news anchor Charlie Gaddy (as Grandpa Peakssen), WRAL-TV personality Mark Roberts (as Town Manager of Peak City, Nate Weaver) and Irene Santiago (as Carlina). Santiago, who lives in the Wilmington area, has appeared in “High School Musical,” “Hounded,” “One Tree Hill,” and “Touched by an Angel.”

Come meet and dine with cast members, producers and the director between 4-6 pm on Saturday, May 22, at the Golden Corral at Monkey Junction, 5211 South College Road in Wilmington. Sunny 104.5 FM will also be on site with a live two-hour remote. This is a great networking opportunity for those in the entertainment industry, and for the general public who would just like to meet and eat with the cast and support independent film and TV Production in North Carolina. DVDs and CDs of the show, plus Rusty Bucket store merchandise, will be available for purchase at a special discount, in addition to giveaways of limited quantities of autographed items.

About The Rusty Bucket Kids
The Rusty Bucket Kids” is a new family friendly, web-based television show combining educational content with family entertainment – edutainment. A brother and sister learn they can travel back through time in American History to meet teenagers who become some of America’s greatest historical heroes. The show also represents a new method for providing local content to broadcast television stations and the Internet working with local sponsors.
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