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A Soulful Night with Ingrid Michaelson and Matt Morris

The sold out Ingrid Michaelson concert, held at Lincoln Theatre on Friday, June 11 was definitely a hit. Mostly female fans packed the auditorium and spent the night crooning along with Michaelson’s soulful ballads. Before the hit of the night came onstage, however, Matt Morris, former Mickey Mouse Club star, spent some time warming up the audience. Despite the fact that Morris was only an opening act, he definitely rocked the house. Though many concertgoers were unsure of exactly who he was, his lovely voice and fun attitude stole the hearts of many. In fact, when one rowdy audience member shouted out, “Who are you?” Morris took the time to stop, laugh, and reintroduce himself. His music was full of pop and fun, and one can expect his posters will soon be lining the bedroom walls of many a teenage girl. His soulful performance of “Forgiveness,” was the highlight of his act, though most of his songs featured strong vocals and clever, well written lyrics. After the show, Morris proved his jovial personality was more than an act by taking the time to meet and greet fans and sign autographs. More information on Morris and his music can be found on his website at

Following Morris’ performance, the long awaited Michelson took the stage, and she proved to be every bit as fun and charming as her videos imply. Not only did she do an impromptu rendition of Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face,” but she also did a seemingly well practiced stand-up comedy act in between songs. While newer fans of Michaelson might have preferred less talk and more music, die-hard fans seemed to be quite impressed. Raleigh resident Carolyn Elliot, a self professed Michaelson fanatic, gushed, “I love Ingrid’s sincerity and how genuine she is about her music. I love how real of a person she is. She just inspires me.” Most of the crowd seemed to share Elliot’s sentiments. They sang along with almost every tune, including, of course, the famous “The Way I Am”. Most music buffs would have to admit, however, that Michaelson’s performance of “Die Alone” was far superior and much more moving than anything else in her set.

In short, the concert was a big success. People of all ages flocked to Lincoln Theatre and willingly stood and cheered through Michaleson’s entire set. Though most of her fans appear to be women, there were a few men in attendance. In fact, fan Matthew Baugh, sporting a Michaelson t-shirt, was happy to say, “I love Ingrid so much. She is just so soulful and has such a great energy.” All in all, this was a wonderfully enjoyable event perfect for the true lover of soulful, inspired and cleverly quirky folk music. For more information about Ingrid Michaelson or to purchase her latest CD, visit

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3 Responses

  1. This was indeed an awesome show. I think Matt Morris (who I’d never heard of prior) could have played longer and everyone would have loved it.

    My only complaint is that after the show, we met both Ingrid and Matt. While Matt was really nice and genuine, Ingrid seemed only interested in meeting the fans who were gushing over her, and not those who just wanted to tell her it was a great show. She puts on a great performance, but her fan interaction left a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. This article doesn’t even fully express how amazing this concert was!! Matt and Ingrid were both unbelievable! I am so happy that they stopped in Raleigh, it’s definitely been the highlight of my year.


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