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Month: February 2011

"Oh Sh!t, It's Another Evening of One-Act Plays" ends Feb. 27th

“Oh Sh!t” Sparkles in “The Shakespeare Zone”

Like any four-part program of contemporary one-act plays, “Oh Sh!t, It’s Another Evening of One-Act Plays,” presented by Bare Theatre, is a mixed bag. But “The Shakespeare Zone” is a splendid spoof of reality television, TV game shows, commercials, and iconic television series, such as “Law & Order,” “CSI,” etc.

Lexi Lawson as Vanessa and Joseph Morales as Usnavi in "In the Heights" (photo © Chelsea Lauren)

DPAC Scores Again with “In the Heights”

A high-octane national tour, with exuberant musical staging by director Thomas Kail and choreographer by Andy Blankenbuehler and zesty accompaniment by music supervisor Alex Lacamoire and cohorts, hits on all cylinders as it celebrates the Latino immigrant experience in the Washington Heights section of New York City.

There will be two staged readings of "The Glass Menagerie" on Feb. 27th

Mabou Mines Workshops “The Glass Menagerie” in Duke University’s Sheafer Laboratory Theater

Mabou Mines is an institution of the American avant-garde; for 40 years they’ve staged brave new plays and taken ‘startlingly original’ slants on classic texts (Theatre Journal). Their perpetual revolution continues in a two-week residency at Duke, when the innovators prepare a new, dream-vision take on Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie,” under the direction of the ‘wizard-director’ [Lee] Breuer (New York Times).

“Hall Pass” Doesn’t Pass Muster

The Farrelly brothers’ newest “Hall Pass” – inspired rude romp or unfunny mess? Read on…

"Terminus" plays The Carolina Theatre on Feb. 25th and 26th

“Terminus” by Mark O’Rowe Spins Surreal Narratives Full of Angels and Demons, Lust and Violence

“Terminus” is a cycle of three interlocking monologues told in a rhymed blank verse that has as much to do with Irish slang as it does with classic English prosody. Three characters [Olwen Fouéré as A, Catherine Walker as B, and Declan Conlon as C] each tell their stories directly to the audience, surreal narratives full of angels and demons, lust and violence.