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Best Brew in the Triangle – Reader’s Choice Awards

Triangle A&E Readers Vote for Best Brew in the Triangle

Triangle A&E Readers Vote for Best Brew in the Triangle

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day Triangle Arts and Entertainment is asking its readers to vote for their favorite beer brewed in the Triangle.

The winner receives a plaque, window decals, web badge, and the bragging rights of having the Best Brew in the Triangle as voted by readers of Triangle Arts and Entertainment.

The Fans are in control with one vote per IP address per day. That’s one vote per computer per day.

Voting starts on March 1st. and continues until midnight March 31st.

Please review our list below and add any in the comment section that you think we have missed.  Remember, the brewery must be located within Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill (or pretty darn close).

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38 Responses

  1. Not sure if you wanted to include brew pubs with multiple locations, but there is also Carolina Brewery Brewpub & Restaurant and Natty Greene’s Brewing Co.

  2. Sounds good, we’ll add Natty Greene’s to the list. Too bad Natty’s website currently appears to be down.
    Carolina Brewery is covered.

  3. You’re missing Carolina Brewery. In the Triangle, there’s Carolina Brewing Company, the makers of Carolina Pale Ale, located in Holly Springs, and Carolina Brewery with locations in Chapel Hill and Pittsboro. Natty’s beer is good, but I believe they truck it in from the Triad.

  4. So, how do you vote? I see no place to cast a vote….AVIATOR ALL THE WAY…

  5. Hey Rob,

    If you only see percentages and not a vote button either on this page or the right column of the home page someone from your IP address already voted today.

  6. Have tried 2 different IPs that nobody would have voted from today and all I see are percentages still.

  7. Hi Adam,

    If you have two different computer IP address and go through one router it will be recognized as that IP address.

  8. Red Oak Brewery — specifically Red Oak Hummingbird beer

  9. I was hoping that someone would add Red Oak. Not exactly the Triangle, but close enough.

  10. Natty Greene’s Raleigh has its own brew system and makes some of their beer onsite. Their brewmaster is Mike Morris, former brewmaster at Big Boss Brewery. They do serve some beers that are made in Greensboro also.

    I don’t think its accurate to list Red Oak. It’s in Greensboro which is certainly NOT the Triangle.

    By this time next year, there will be 3-4 more breweries that can be added to this list.

  11. Red Oak, Aviator and Carolina Brewing Company aren’t in the Triangle. That being said, I guess I need to go check out Roth Brewing Company since I’ve never been there.

  12. Don’t like everything Aviator puts out, but my strong favorites are Aviator’s October Beast and Frost Nipper. Miss the old hanger where they started!

  13. Vic – Aviator is most certainly in the Triangle.

  14. Vic aviator is in the triangle even though its not in the actually city of Raleigh it is in the surrounding area almost as if it was a suburb and they clearly state that Brewer in the triangle of close to It so please reread the statement above if you didn’t understand

    K thanx

  15. It was 2 seperate networks, i will try again and see if it lets me vote on either.

  16. If you’re going to allow Red Oak in Whitsett (67 miles from Raleigh via Google maps), you might as well allow Duck Rabbit in Farmville (59 miles) …

  17. Sounds good to me. I like Duck Rabbit.

  18. Wow. Red Oak really isn’t in the Triangle. If we’re including Red Oak, why not Foothills Brewery… in which case, this becomes a best of in NC competition instead of the Triangle… and then we have something like 20 breweries from Asheville alone to include… but that’s semantics, I guess.

    Vic, if Aviator isn’t the Triangle, what IS? Raleigh only? Aviator is in Wake County, the same county as Raleigh. I know there’s a lot of debate (in general) how far east and south the Triangle runs, but I know without doubt no one would (or legitimately could) argue that a part of Wake County is rejected as “Triangle”.

    Besides… yum Aviator. :D I thank God it’s just down the way for me to visit regularly. :)

  19. Alex, the OktoberBeast was SUCH a hit at our wedding! Getting a keg of that from Aviator was one of the best decisions my groom and I made for the day! :)

  20. If you are including duck rabbit then you need
    To include mother earth. It’s closer to triangle than DR

  21. You got it Steve. Now make sure the know to vote. We gotta save Mother Earth.

  22. Frankly Red Oak, Duck Rabbit and Mother Earth should not be included in this poll.

    In an article posted in the News and Observer on Jan. 26, they outlined the 11 breweries of the Triangle in a sort celebration of the area’s growing craft beer scene. They listed the 11 breweries and a little bit of information on each one. They did not included Red Oak, Duck Rabbit or Mother Earth because they are not part of the Triangle.

    Red Oak is hands down closer to Greensboro and therefore should be considered a Triad brewery, like Foothills, as was previously mentioned.

    Duck Rabbit and Mother Earth are considered by the North Carolina Brewers Guild to be part of the ‘Coastal’ Region of the state rather then the eastern ‘Piedmont’ region like the rest of the Triangle area. Although I recognize that these breweries do not have another large city to affiliate with, it is a stretch to say that they are part of the commonly recognized ‘Triangle’ area.

    I suggest we reconsider these additions and actually keep the attention to the good local breweries here in our back yard.


  23. Red Oak, Duck Rabbit and Mother Earth should absolutely NOT be a part of this poll (even if one of them would get my vote). You really need to set a limit on just how many miles out can be considered the “Triangle” or change the name of the poll. I mean come on, Foothills is only about 4 miles further from Chapel Hill than Duck Rabbit is from Raleigh.

  24. Go Aviator!

    I miss the Hangar Brewery too, Alex. With the new brewery only 1.5 miles away and the tap room 1 mile away, I can’t complain. There’s definitely going to be some Hot rod Red with dinner tonight!

  25. foothills torch pilsner is one superior beer

  26. You might as well throw Huske Hardware House and The Mash House Brewery into the vote since they are both closer in distance to the Triangle area than Duck-Rabbit or Mother Earth is!

    I can’t believe all the hype this poll is getting considering how ridiculous it is.

    Craft beer lover.
    Stupid poll hater.

  27. Stupid Poll Hater,

    People have an inherent need to put things in a list and rank them…that’s just human nature.

    That being said, anything that raises the awareness for all the breweries in the area is a great thing for your local beer scene. There may be breweries on this list that some folks have never heard of, and as a result of this ‘stupid poll’, now they do.

    You may love craft beer. You may even have a favorite on this list. But the bottom line is, if you want to see your favorite brewery around in 5 years, more people than you and your network need to know about them!

    There are plenty of beer drinkers out there, problem is, the vast majority are still drinking macro swill. If this poll can do anything to change that, no matter how nominal, it’s a win for the good guys.


  28. Sure Ernie, I agree with that. but the poll is stupid because its entitled “Best Brew in the Triangle” and it includes 3 breweries that are not Triangle breweries. Yes, they distribute beer in the Triangle but so do about a dozen or more other NC breweries of which I mentioned two in my post.

  29. I vote for Carolina Brewing Company. Top to bottom, I think their beers taste the best out of the bunch. Looking at their tours, they are also the most generous group.

    I’d like to see Natty Greene’s move up some.

  30. The Aviator Brew Pub is by far the Central, East & West North Carolina. I started going to Aviator when it was just starting (3 months old) in the airplane hanger at the Triple W Airport. The growth of this Brewery is phenomenal. Mark really knows the business of beer and how to market it. As the Red Baron would say, “I salute you Aviator”.

  31. April Poll – Best B-B-Q in the Triangle

    Post your suggestions here.

  32. Aviator all the way is right, why fight it for the other crapperies around town…..I mean what you have to have a brewery in downtown Raleigh to get hipster qualification? Besides NT’s makes water that smells like beer, CBC make sugar bomb heavy beer, and Big Loss flat out stanks.

  33. Mark has done an incredible job with Aviator. Ive never experienced a brewery that is so consistent in their quality and balance across a good range of beer styles. Every beer Ive had has been outstanding, not just comparing them within NC, but nationwide. I just hope he can keep the passion and maintain his personal control of things; resist the temptation to go big.

  34. Aviator!! Hell yes!


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