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Motivational speaker and TV personality – Michelle Phillips

Michelle Phillips, a descendant of the Mamas and Papas and actresses Michelle and Mackenzie Phillips, is a motivational author, speaker, and TV personality. Through her Mind Beauty Spirit brand she is living her dream to empower others to find the beauty within them. Listen to Michelle Phillips discuss beauty, health and spirit on
The Spin radio show with host Lorraine Messina. Available on Blog Talk Radio.

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  1. Mackenzie Phillips has one child, a son, Shane, now age 26. Michelle Phillips, of the Mamas and the Papas (Mackenzie’s stepmother for a few years, but not a blood relative), had one child with John Phillips, a daughter Chynna, who married actor William Baldwin and had three kids, all of whom are less than 13 years old. It seems to me that nobody in the world is descended from both of them, and nobody named Michelle Phillips is descended from either of them. Maybe “descended” isn’t the right choice of word?