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“Born To Be Wild 3D” At The IMAX

"Born To Be Wild 3D" opens today exclusively at IMAX theatres.

"Born To Be Wild 3D" now playing at the IMAX Theatre At Marbles Kids Museum.

“Born To Be Wild 3D” (Dir. David Lickley, 2011)

Upfront I have to say that I’m not a fan of the current 3D trend. It gives me a headache wearing those glasses so that my vision can be assaulted by CGI imagery. However with its presentation of overwhelmingly beautiful photography of nature, “Born To Be Wild 3D” is really easy on the eyes.

Focusing its powerful 3D lenses on orphaned orangutans and elephants, the film cuts back and forth between the rainforests of Borneo, and a preserve in Kenya.

In Borneo, world-renowned primatologist Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas tends to the rescue of baby orangutans, while in Kenya, conservationist and animal husbandry expert Dame Daphne Sheldrick takes care of the infant elephants.

The passion these noble women have for these animals is heavily apparent; it’s astounding to see their care and devotion in so many wide eye-popping shots.

Morgan Freeman narrates the material with his patented folksy rhythm, so the film falls in line with such nature documentaries as “March Of The Penguins,” but at only a 40 minute running time it’s considerably less epic.

I’ll still opt for the 2D option when attending the noisy blockbuster wannabes crammed with special effects at the theater, but this moving and incredibly immersive film proves that the 3D format when it’s used to capture reality in the wild can be a great thing.

“Born To Be Wild 3D” opens today exclusively in IMAX theatres. In Raleigh it plays at the IMAX Theatre At Marbles Kids Museum, which earlier this year was renovated with new seats, new carpeting, a new projection system and a new screen.

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