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Month: April 2011

The "Steel Magnolias" cast includes (from left) Elizabeth Meadows Rouse as Truvy, Elisabeth Lewis Corley as Clairee, Elizabeth May as Annelle, Beth Ritson as M'Lynn, Cinny Strickland as Ouiser, and Catherine Charlebois as Shelby (photo by VanderVeen Photographers)

Triad Stage’s “Steel Magnolias” Are Not Yet in Full Bloom

It is surprising that Triad Stage’s “Steel Magnolias” were not yet in full bloom on opening night last Friday. The all-female cast did not seem to have fully slipped beneath their characters’ skins, nor did they seem entirely comfortable on the marvelously detailed beauty-shop set created by scenic designer Fred Kinney.

"Avenue Q" played DPAC on April 19th and 20th

“Avenue Q” Delighted DPAC Patrons

Imagine what would happen if Jim Henson’s Muppets went rogue and were forcibly relocated from Sesame Street to a much less desirable neighborhood in an outer borough of the Big Apple, where they could stay up all night, talk dirty, and have unprotected puppet sex — in full view of an audience — and you have songwriters Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx’s basic concept for their wickedly funny 2003 Broadway musical “Avenue Q.”

10 Things I learned at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2011

At the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival last weekend, I saw 20 docs (some were shorts), and really felt like I learned quite a bit from all the glorious infotainment from all over the globe.

Ellen McLaughlin plays grieving California writer Joan Didion in "The Year of Magical Thinking"

Ellen McLaughlin Stars in Joan Didion’s “The Year of Magical Thinking” at PlayMakers Repertory Company

“The Year of Magical Thinking” is 76-year-old California novelist Joan Didion’s stage adaptation of her 2005 National Book Award-winning memoir about the death of her husband John Gregory Dunne in 2003 and the hospitalization of their daughter Quintana Roo Dunne Michael that same year for pneumonia with septic shock.

Interview with Comedienne Ellen Karis

CPA turned stand-up comedian like Bob Newhart Ellen Karis makes no bones about speaking her mind. She left what she calls a lucrative mundane job on Wall Street to pursue comedy. Listen to Ellen speak her mind about current issues in the news on The Spin with host Lorraine Messina. Listen to The Spin with… Read More ›