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“In One Era and Out the Other” Stars Serena Ebhardt in a Patriotic History of the U.S. from 1901 to 2001

"In One Era and Out the Other" opens Aug. 5th

"In One Era and Out the Other" opens Aug. 5th

Just in time for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Apex, NC-based EbzB Productions will present In One Era and Out the Other, “A Patriotic History of the United States from 1901 to 2001” conceived and performed by EbzB co-founder Serena Ebhardt and directed by her husband, David zum Brunnen, on Aug. 5-7 in Dish Theater Company’s performance space in University Mall in Chapel Hill. The show also features musical direction and background vocals by Julie A. Florin, with Florin on keyboards and Marc Davis on guitars helping bring this musical history lesson to life.

“As a lark, I created and began performing a simpler version of In One Era and Out the Other in 2004,” Serena Ebhardt told Triangle Theater Review. “Since then, the idea has grown into a full-fledged production that includes a comprehensive history of the United States from 1901 to 2001.”

Ebhardt say script consultants for In One Era and Out the Other include Scott Davis, Dr. Elliot Engel, and Larry R. Ferguson, Jr.

She adds, “I like that history is personal. By teaching the history of the United States to my audiences, I have an opportunity to discover my own history and my personal connections to it. More importantly, it allows me to discover my audiences’ connection to history, to learn from their experiences, and to find common ground with my patrons.

“In a world where we have chosen to keep up with our friends through Facebook and Twitter, this show gives me an opportunity to authentically connect with real people,” says Ebhardt.

According to EbzB Productions:

“Serena Ebhardt subscribes to the philosophy that all performance should celebrate the triumph of the human spirit. In EbzB’s newest production, she tells a story of the Twentieth Century through her patriotic prism. Through propaganda, politics, sex, race, religion, natural disasters, and popular culture; Americans remain free to choose life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. United we stand.

“[Ebhardt] turns past into present as she leads audiences through decades of historical events, headline news, and popular song. This one-woman, musical romp mixes familiar songbook standards with the momentous events that shaped America’s 20th century. It is all just a little bit of history repeating with an all-inclusive, uplifting look towards the future.

“This cabaret is accompanied by a multimedia presentation of saturated images from America’s 20th century. Icons that reveal America’s potential as it pursues the four freedoms. America the beautiful, America the diverse.

“The song list includes the old torch standards: ‘You Made Me Love You’ and ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’; the patriotic hymns: ‘God Bless America’ and ‘The National Anthem’; and the pop tunes: ‘History Repeating’ and ‘Rock Around The Clock.’ Culminating with the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on America, Serena [Ebhardt] refocuses the future with humor and hope.”

Deep Dish Theater Company adds:

In One Era and Out the Other is an interactive musical history lesson packed with America’s most defining moments from 1901 to 2001. Audiences literally become a part of history as Serena Ebhardt [sings classic selections from the American Songbook] …. Innuendo, wordplay, free-association, and sing-alongs make the final exam an easy ‘A’: the key in which Serena sings…. This performance pursues happiness through history, in hopes of an evolution towards liberty and justice for all….”

In reviewing a previous performance, the Raleigh News & Observer wrote, “Serena Ebhardt’s throaty vocals have stark beauty and authenticity. She spins little dramas when she sings. Crowds adore her.”

Playwright and performer Serena Ebhardt invites Triangle theatergoers to “Come [to In One Era and Out the Other] with an open mind, and be ready to participate. It’s a history class that will have you ready to graduate with honors!”

EbzB Productions presents IN ONE ERA AND OUT THE OTHER: A Patriotic History of the United States from 1901 to 2001, featuring Serena Ebhardt, at 8 p.m. Aug. 5-7 in Dish Theater Company’s performance space between The Print Shop and the future home of the Public Library at the Dillard’s end of University Mall, at the intersection of Estes Dr. and U.S. 15-501, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514.

TICKETS: $19 ($12 students and $17 teachers and seniors 60+).

BOX OFFICE: 919/969-1515 or

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Serena Ebhardt: (official website) and (Internet Movie Database).


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