American Dance Festival 2012

The American Dance Festival (ADF) invites all artists to submit their best design for the official 2013 ADF 80th Anniversary season t-shirt competition, sponsored by Durham Magazine. Each year the ADF selects a t-shirt design to represent the season, and this year the Festival invites the community to be a part of the design and selection process. The winner of the contest will be awarded two tickets to each ADF performance during the 2013 ADF season.

Designs will be accepted through Monday, July 1, 2012. Beginning Tuesday, July 2, 2012 all designs will be displayed on the ADF website ( and the community is invited to vote for their favorite design. Voting will end on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 and the winner of the contest will be announced by Durham Magazine in the fall 2012. The winning t-shirt design will be available for purchase during the 2013 ADF season.


All designs submitted must meet the following criteria:
1. Include the following:  a) ADF     b) 2013     c) 80th Anniversary
2. Use a maximum of four colors
3. Function as a design for the front of a t-shirt (no back and arm designs please)

All entries must be original and not previously submitted for use by any other party. Limit one entry per artist. No photograph designs will be accepted without the permission of the copyright owner. Designs can be submitted via email to, or by mail or in person to:

ADF T-Shirt Design Contest
Attn: Monica Barco
715 Broad Street
Durham, NC 27708

If delivering in person after May 24th, please deliver to

ADF T-Shirt Design Contest
Attn: Monica Barco
2 Epworth Lane
East Campus, Duke University
Durham, NC 27708

Original artwork will not be returned but can be picked up.

Be inspired by performances during ADF’s 79th season (June 14 – July 28, 2012) at the Durham Performing Arts Center, Duke University’s Reynolds Industries Theater, and the North Carolina Museum of Art. For detailed information about the ADF’s programs, please visit

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