NC Arts Council slated for cuts – Immediate action required!


NC Arts Council slated for cuts – immediate action required!

We believe that substantial cuts to the North Carolina Arts Council are being considered in the House budget deliberations, including the reduction of 6 positions at the North Carolina Arts Council. While no formal vote has been taken, it is imperative that we speak for the arts before votes are taken. 


Please act no later than 5pm, Monday, May 14.


Everyone should respond by e-mail or phone (leave a message) to the seven Legislators named below


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Your message should be: 
The North Carolina Arts Council has previously suffered a 15% cut in personnel and grants.  Any further reductions in the 2012-13 budget would be disproportionate and unacceptable.  Cuts to the North Carolina Arts Council impact every county and strike at the heart of arts driven economic development. 
This is all you need to say, but you need to say it. 


 Take Action Now! 

A ground swell of communication is absolutely critical if we are to ensure sustained funding and operations of the North Carolina Arts Council.

Representative Thom Tillis
Speaker, House of Representatives
Representative Harold Brubaker
Representative Linda Johnson
Representative Nelson Dollar
Representative Jim Crawford
Representative Mitch Gillespie
Representative George Cleveland
You can also access contact sheets on these Legislators that include all contact information and grants that were made in their counties at


Thank you for your time and commitment


ARTS North Carolina
108 S. Blount St.
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 834-1411 



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