Bellows: Fables from the Musical Underground

Bellows: Fables from the Musical Underground

Los Angeles, Texas, North Carolina and Philadelphia artists join forces behind Roberto Cofresi’s book

Bellows: Fables from the Musical Underground 

Kickstarter campaign launches on October 11, 2012 

Ten artists from Los Angeles, Houston, Austin, Chapel Hill, Durham and Philadelphia have joined forces with writer/musician Roberto Cofresi to create a book of darkly comic music fables.

The book is made of ten fables each illustrated by a different artist and featuring animals such as turtles, elk, vultures, boars, bilbies and more, in roles such as the Folk Singer, the Metalhead, the Band of Brothers, the Basement Hippies, the Mountain Marching Band and more. There are life lessons in the book, but it’s a book made to entertain. Like a good song, it will make you go ‘yeah’ while at the same time providing you with a space where you can reflect about what it is that music brings to us and how we treat music in return.

On October 11, 2012, the group will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the book design, printing, and distribution of the final product. The Kickstarter sponsorship levels include art by all the artists, from original art from the book, paintings and more.


Roberto Cofresi started playing music and writing as a kid in Puerto Rico, playing in ragtag garage bands like Los Babilonicos and writing mythological stories and teenage songs. After finishing high school, he moved to Texas where he discovered the crazy world of American indie rock music of the 80s and the booming new world of graphic novels and played psych rock with Dry Nod and Irish-Texas swing with the Texas Guinness Lovers. He currently writes and plays music in Chapel Hill NC.


Kevin Dixon does comics, sculpture, and painting. His comics include Gilgamesh, And Then There Was Rock, and Mickey Death. He has also performed in bands like Bringerer, Dexter Romweber and the New Romans, Shark Quest, and Zen Frisbee.

David K. Rose has been around for a while. Years of gallery shows, freelance illustration work, and game production have kept him quite the busy fellow. Dave’s paintings and custom toys have appeared in places as diverse as his characters. He currently resides in Los Angeles where he continues his freelance work, rocking out with his band, and continuing to work in the game industry.

Nathan Golub is an illustrator/graphic designer based out of Durham NC. When he’s not illustrating/graphic designing he’s either playing music with his friends or hanging out with his wife and ever-growing household.

Sarah Dougherty paints the beauty of bricolage from observation, travelling, making homes and documenting how humans, plants and animals make place out of space. She finished her Master’s in Fine Arts at UCLA in 2012 and will be teaching Spanish through art and creating Classrooms without Walls curricula at Escuela Popular in East San Jose.

Scott Gilbert was unleashed from the bowels of the earth in a late 20th century volcanic explosion. He paints, draws, cartoons, and generally spews pointless fun at a savage and intractable Universe. Currently he lives in Houston, Texas among the truck-nut masses and makes a living as a librarian.

John Voskamp is a musician and artist living in Austin, TX. He currently plays with Saucerians and has also played with Peglegasus, Ye Olde Castletons, the Riddlers and others. He loves haunted houses, extraterrestrials and printmaking.

Alison Nickles is a photographer, illustrator, and hair dresser living in Carrboro NC. She loves rock and roll, her boyfriend and her dog, not necessarily in that order.

Andrew DeGraff is a freelance illustrator. His work has been featured in American Illustration, Society of Illustrators, and Communication Arts annuals and he has shown his gallery work in New York, Albany, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Calgary, Honolulu, and Mexico City. He currently lives in Philadelphia and teaches at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY.

Jamie B. Wolcott is a North Carolina based poster artist who has been hanging out in her Aunt Lilly’s Attic for quite some time now. She spent three years doing pictorial work for a travelling theater troupe and got a BFA from the School of Visual Arts. She is married to mad banjo player Curtis Eller, and they have a daughter, Daisy Josephine.

Claire Richards finds great enjoyment in the act of painting landscapes. Landscapes offer her unlimited possibilities. Each painting is a puzzle that must be pieced together through a process of creating and destroying. The terrain is revealed through a constant working and reworking,


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