Best Cake Artist in the Triangle

Cake Artist Heather Singleton, Party Delights,

Have you noticed the proliferation of cake television shows over the past few years, such as Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, Ultimate Cake Off, Wedding Cake Wars, etc.? More importantly, have you wished you could design and make awesome cakes like the bakers on these shows, or at least enjoy the delicious fruits of their labors?

Luckily, the popularity of “Cake TV” has brought with it new designer cake shops popping up everywhere, elevating cake baking to a new art form. In the Triangle, you can order cakes that taste just as wonderful as they look from bakers/shops such as Dreme Cake Artistry, Edible Art, Sugarland, and Simply Cakes, just to mention a handful.

So who makes the best and most beautiful cakes in the Triangle? Let us know by nominating your favorite cake artist in the comments section below. The poll will run from Nov. 1 through Nov. 30. The winner will receive a plaque, web badge, and bragging rights recognizing that he or she has been voted the Best Cake Artist in the Triangle.

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  1. I nominate Heather Singleton of Party Delights. Her cakes are beautiful & unique. She has a gift with cakes!

  2. Party Delights always provide top quality cakes! If you are looking for a great cake, I recommend Heather Singleton’s Party Delights.

  3. I would like to nominate Heather Singleton of Party Delights in Raleigh. I have had several cakes from her including my wedding showers, wedding cake, one year anniversary cake. All were beautiful and delicious and she has a great attention to detail whether working with fondant or icing. She also offers really unique flavors of which I have sampled 4-5. All were delicious with the cakes always moist and fresh.

  4. I want to nominate Heather Singleton, from Party Delights. Her cakes are both beautiful and delicious!

  5. Heather SIngleton of Party Delights. She made my wedding cake, shower cakes, adn one year anniversary cake. All flavors, fillings, and icing or fondant were fresh and delicious!

  6. Heather Singleton from Party Delights made a great cake for my daughter’s wedding, and not only was it beautiful beyond compare, but tasted great, f uar above ordinary wedding cakes, and she even transported and set up! She’s the best in Raleigh!!!

  7. I would like to nominate Edie Perra with Cakes by Faith, she makes the most awesomely delicious and beautiful cakes. She offers excellent customer service, reasonable prices and such a sweet spirit with her customers!

  8. I vote for Heather Singleton’s Party Delights. Her cakes are delicious and very creative.

  9. Heather Singleton from Party Delights. I’m a cake artist myself, but she just blows me away every time. And a lot of people can make a cake look great, but hers tastes just as good as it looks.

  10. I would like to nominate Iriene Wangsawidjaja with Artylicious Cakes! (

    Her cake creations are not only BEAUTIFUL, they are super tasty as well!!

    Good luck, Iriene!!

  11. I would like to nominate Heather Singleton from Party Delights. She has made cakes for our events for over a year and she has a fantastic gift. Her cakes are just as delicious as they are artistic.

  12. Party Delight’s cakes are amazing. The creative designs and Heather’s passion for detail are legendary. She has more flavors of both frosting and cake than anyone else I have dealt with. Her cake is so very moist. Hope you have a strong table because these things are heavy…and devine!!!!!!

  13. I am a BIG fan of Party Delight cakes. Each cake is given special care with the recipient in mind. The detail on each cake is unique and original and the taste divine! Everyone’s a winner!

  14. I also nominate Lynn Taddeo of!

    The food Lynn made for the grand opening of our studio was beyond amazing, and her cakes never cease to delight!

  15. Obviously these people haven’t seen the talented work of Lynn at Sure, anybody can bake a cake, but can they make it taste as good as Lynn’s tasty treats? Probably not. Not only is she creative with the designs, but the flavors are mouth watering which is very rare in the cake industry. You either got it or you don’t and Lynn definitely does- go linacucina !

  16. Lynn at linacucina is the best! Her cakes are delicious and absolutely fabulous! But even more than that, she is a dream to work with. We had the best experience with Lynn, she’s so creative.

  17. If you haven’t had a Linacucina cake, you had cake. If you had a Linacucina cake, you savored a three ring circus on your palate, just wow.

  18. Heather is so very creative and dedicated to her art. I have never had cake so moist and wonderfully balanced.
    Her prices are to cheap!!!!!

  19. EVERYTHING Lynn at linacucina makes is dee-lish. It not only looks amazing (those flowers are to die for), but they taste incredible!!!


  20. Michael Ward at showsidegrillandbakery
    Most beautiful stargazer lily cake ever. tasted amazing. Made his frosting with imported vanilla beans. My wedding guests really enjoyed it.

  21. Michael Ward. Owner of Showside Grill & Desserts by Contagious Confections in Spring Hope NC. Excellent Desserts.

  22. Nominate Michael at showside grill and bakery in Spring Hope NC (just off highway 64). Had 3 different cakes for our wedding rehearsal party. All Unique and super on their own. Pumpkin Spice was my favorite.

  23. Michael Ward @ Showside Grill and Bakery in Spring Hope, NC has the most amazing and delicious cakes and dessert creations. He has done cakes and desserts for me for several years. – have never been disappointed! Thumbs up, Michael Ward!

  24. Michael Ward makes the most delicious cakes ever! Showside!!! Spring Hope, NC.
    His cakes are, by far, the best in the world!!!

  25. CONTAGIOUS CONFECTIONS @ Showside Grill & Bakery – -best desserts EVER! Banana Split Moose to an Orea Cheesecake just doesnt get any better. I Drive from Raleigh to Spring Hope just to get a taste!!! :)

  26. MICHAEL WARD OF CONTAGIOUS CONFECTIONS AND SHOWSIDE GRILL & BAKERY – Best baker and most creative ever! Made my wedding cake – awesome! Can’t wait for 1-year anniversary to finish it!

  27. Michael at Showside in Spring Hope NC (Contagious Confections) is absolutely the very best cakemaker!!!! All desserts are FANTASTIC

  28. I vote Micheal Ward at Showside Grill & Bakery the cakes are cooked to perfection and are to die for!!!

  29. I nominate : Showside Grill and Bakery for the best cakes and desserts! Not only is the food good, the fun is too!

  30. Hands down nomination goes to Michael Ward @ Showside Grill & Bakery ~ Contagious Confections. Absolutely the best cake maker ever! The desserts are delectable!

  31. Nominating Michael Ward at Show Side Grill and Bakery!!!! Wonderful cakes, and sweets! Hands down one of the best!!!! <3 Mike!!!

  32. Mike Ward owner of Contagious Confections is the BAKER! Everything I’ve tasted has been delicious!

  33. Michael Ward at Showside Grill and Contagious Confections in Spring Hope, NC gets my vote! Delicious, beautiful, and creative cakes! Outstanding desserts all around!

  34. Michael Ward of Showside Grill and Contagious Confections in Spring Hope NC has the best desserts in eastern North Carolina. Such a variety and always prepared to PERFECTION!!!

  35. Michael W at Showside in Spring Hope not only knocks it out with his desserts and cakes he is also a great guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I would like to nominate Michael Ward at he has some of the best and most original desserts I’ve ever had. You think of it and Michael can fix it.

  37. *****
    I vote for Creations by Barbara. Not only are her cakes a work of art they taste awesome.

  38. Creations by Barbara is my vote. She has outstanding artistic ability and is very creative

  39. I vote for Barbara. Her cakes are beautifully designed, delicious, and fun. She can make anything you want into a cake. Truly amazing!!

  40. I vote for Barbara. She is wonderful to work with and has a natural talent for design and creativity. Her cakes are delicious, and she offers a large variety of cake flavors, fillings, icings and styles!

  41. I nominate Michael Ward from Showside Grill & Bakery in Spring Hope!! He has the BEST cakes anyone has every tasted! He has the most creative cakes and desserts and the taste of anything he makes melts in your mouth to perfection! That’s all my little country town talks about is how amazing his baking is! He definitely deserves to win!!!!

  42. I nominate Creations by Barbara at cakes are creative and gorgeous. Not only are the cakes a work of art that can keep you mesmerized for some time – they taste delicious. I have sampled a wide variety of cake flavors as well as frostings all have been tantalizing to the pallet. Truly scrumptious!

  43. Creations by Barbara ( makes the most magnificently creative and delicious cakes in the Triangle area (and beyond!)!!! My vote goes to her by far!!!!!

  44. Michael Ward~ Contagious Confections. Michael is not only an amazing artist, but he is 100% dedicated to customer service 100% of the time. My family, and I frequent his resturant not only for the amazing food, but for the welcoming atmosphere. The Contagious/ Showside Grill family has truly become part of mine!

  45. Without a doubt, Creations by Barbara is the best. Her cakes (and cupcakes) are very detailed and delicious. She has many different flavors of filling and cake and can make a cake look like anything you can possibly imagine. Check her out at:

  46. I nominate Michael Ward of Showside Grill & Bakery in Spring Hope. The man can create desserts that are out of this world. Everything he makes is delicious!

  47. Michael Ward with Showside Grill & Bakery and Contagious Confections has the most amazing desserts. They taste devine, and his artistic flare is above par! His desserts are a must have!!


  49. I nominate Anshalica Miles of Destiny’s Delights Custom Cakes. Anshalica’s cakes not only look incredible, but are moist and tasty too. You give her an idea or an image, and she’ll make you a cake that is picturesque and delicious!
    DESTINY’S DELIGHTS CUSTOM CAKES are by far the Best in the Triangle!

  50. I nominate Anshalica Miles with Destinys Delights Custom Cakes! She makes beautiful and delicious cakes. Her wedding cake won a first place prize in this years State Fair competition.

  51. I nominate “The Cake Celebrity”. Her work is impeccable, not to mention delicious. You’ve tried the rest, now try the BEST!!
    You won’t be disappointed!!!

  52. I nominate Michael Ward…..Contagious Confections at Showside Grill & Bakery. His cakes are scrumptious! He’s not afraid to try something new & different….7-UP cake, Snickers Cake, Banana Mousse, Lemon Coconut Cake, Big Girl (Chocolate Cake w/Peanut Butter Icing drizzled with Chocolate Sauce & named after a customer: to die for!). I could never choose a favorite cake. They’re all amazing!

  53. Mike Ward, Showside Grill & Contagious Confetions, Spring Hope,NC……Best in the country. Nomination as the BEST CAKES!

  54. I vote for…Michael Ward !!!!!! CONTAGIOUS CONFECTIONS in Spring Hope, NC. Michael makes the most BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS CAKES!! I LOVE the Pig-Pickin’ cake……and the Strawberry Fusion cake!!!!!! For special times… gatherings…..or just treating myself to a delicious dessert..:) Michael bakes the BEST!!!!!!! You’ve got to try them!!!!! Thanks Michael!!!!!

  55. I vote for…Michael Ward !!!!!! CONTAGIOUS CONFECTIONS in Spring Hope, NC. Michael makes the most BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS CAKES!! I LOVE the Pig-Pickin’ cake……and the Strawberry Fusion cake!!!!!! For special times… gatherings…..or just treating myself to a delicious dessert..:) Michael bakes the BEST!!!!!!! You’ve got to try them!!!!! Thanks Michael!!!!!

  56. SHOWSIDE GRILL and BAKERY (Spring Hope, NC) with Mike Ward is my vote. Mike has a unique ability to create beautiful and delicious desserts that appeal to everyone. He has an extensive menu of desserts that he offers for special events as well. Along with the delicious desserts and meal choices he has on a daily basis–Mike is VERY involved with the community and local youth programs .He has a army of loyal patrons that support him and is well loved in and out of Spring Hope.

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