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Album Review: Change of Heart

Change of Heart Band

Reminiscent of alternative rock bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Deftones, Hawthorne Heights, and Story of the Year, Change of Heart’s sound is riff-oriented, melodic post-hardcore rock with heavy drum beats, but differs in its Christian-inspired lyrics and gentle vocals.  I found that the softer vocals came off neutral at times, which further allowed the stronger guitar work and drums to dominate the songs.  “Thank You” showcases a catchy melody and tender lyrics of gratitude.  The passionate “Here’s to our Spark” praises the power and glory of God while other songs (“Blood,” “Nothing Gold can Stay” and “Paradise Lost”) convey darker moments of self-reflection and loss but also remain hopeful and incorporate Christian themes of redemption, mercy, and salvation.  “Thank You,” “Nothing Gold can Stay,” and “Paradise Lost” are definitely not limited to a Christian interpretation; in fact, I had to listen to them more than once to catch some of the references.  They have a very honed sound and are obviously some talented musicians.

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