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Month: February 2013

The all-star cast of "The New Electric Ballroom" includes (from left) Triangle crowd favorites Katja Hill as Ada, Marcia Edmundson as Breda, and Derrick Ivey as Patsy (photo by Alan Dehmer)

Enda Walsh’s “The New Electric Ballroom” Turns the Lonely Lives of Three Sisters Into a Dark Comedy

Manbites Dog Theater’s all-star presentation of “The New Electric Ballroom,” a 2008 tragicomedy by Dublin-born Irish playwright and screenwriter Enda Walsh puts sad and fronwy face on the loneliness and sexual frustration of three middle-aged spinster sisters sharing a cramped cottage in a small rural fishing village on the Irish coast. By day, they toil — and gossip — at the local cannery; but by night …

The Last Barfighter

A Trip to the Beercade

Remember going down to the arcade and tossing a ton of quarters into the machine to get your score in the Top 10? You either left knowing you dominated the game or were defeated but either way you left empty-handed. Big Boss Brewing and McKinney have come up with an arcade game with a little… Read More ›

Elizabeth Kline as Snow White (right) and Paige Harper as the Queen in Raleigh Little Theatre's community-theater proiduction of "Snow White, The Queen's Fair Daughter" (photo by Curtis Brown Photography)

March 2013 Theater Calendar

NOTE: This is Triangle Review’s Master Theater Calendar for shows announced for the entire month of March. If your productions are not listed in this calendar, please e-mail the SHOW TITLE(S), DATE(S), LOCATION(S), and PRESENTER’S NAME to, and be sure to e-mail all your news releases and publicity PHOTOS to that address. (Our “snail… Read More ›

The ArtsCenter and Carrboro Modern Dance Company Announce Partnership

  The boards of directors of The ArtsCenter and the Carrboro Modern Dance Company have announced an agreement by which Carrboro Modern Dance Company has become an independent component of The ArtsCenter. “The arrangement will permit Carrboro Modern Dance Company to become part of The ArtsCenter while retaining its own brand and board,” ArtsCenter Executive… Read More ›

Leipzig celebrates its famous son Richard Wagner in 2013

  Leipzig is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Richard Wagner, who was born here on 22 May 1813. Whoever wants to understand the young Wagner must come to Leipzig, especially in the anniversary year 2013: 137 events have been scheduled in Wagner’s honour, 70 of which during the City of Leipzig Richard Wagner… Read More ›