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North Carolina Beer Guys tell all about beer in NC
Carolina Glenn and Dave
North Carolina Beer Guys tell all about beer in NC
Carolina Glenn and Dave

There are so many beer review videos and beer blogging websites on the web, how do you know what to look at? I browse other beer blogs and watch other beer review videos. Sometimes I get truly disgusted when I see a guy sitting behind a desk or in a hotel room reviewing a beer and it gets a thousand+ views? Really?? Are we really doing anything more than that since we’re just sitting at the kitchen counter doing the same thing? We do a bit more than that.

We thought we would do a niche category and review just North Carolina craft beers. North Carolina pales in comparison to other states in terms of how many active breweries there are but it’s growing fast. I’m excited every time I hear a new brewery is open because it’s another showcase for a craft brewer to present his art in the flavor and style of a beer. We thought we would just stick with that – shoot a video and bam – toss it up on YouTube. It wasn’t enough. There are great stories behind the beers that are brewed and each brewery has a unique history on how it got started. That’s why we chose to go out and shoot the NC Beer Buzz episodes so that viewers can see who’s behind the beers they drink. It takes a bit more work to get the NC Beer Buzz’s done since all breweries aren’t just a hop-skip-and-jump away, but it’s worth it. You would think they would all say the same thing but every story is unique and each time we talk to a brewer we get so much insight into the industry and brewing process. We didn’t just stop with breweries. There are other variables that get the beer into your hands. We talked to Riverbend Malthouse to show what gets done before the brewers get their hands on the malts and also recently with Salud Beer Shop to spotlight where you can pick up all that great craft beer. How about those events? We can’t get to all of them but we try our best to cover what we can. We’re still planning more ideas for this year and if you watched the Triple C Brewing’s Up All Night review – you’ll see I want to have a bit of fun with the videos.

We’re not only about beer drinking, reviewing, talking to people in the industry and evangelizing NC beer, we also homebrew. If you really want to get to the nuts and bolts of beer, get homebrewing equipment. We starting homebrewing before doing NCBeerGuys and practically from the beginning we started experimenting with flavors we haven’t found in any beers we’ve tried. We’re only doing 5 gallon batches which give you an appreciation for the guys that are doing 10, 15 or 50 barrel batches. The one constant we hear doing the NC Beer Buzzes is the brewer started as homebrewers and it became a passion they wanted to pursue professionally. I have no aspirations to become a brewer (at this point) but would someday like to take a spin working at a brewery. The aroma of boiling wort and hops is wonderful though when we brew, we have to clean up quick and get that smell out of the house QUICK. I don’t like brewing outdoors on the turkey fryer – I like indoors and controlled and deal with the home repercussions later.

Maybe we’re overdoing things? A popular video out there is a guy drinking Pabst in his car and getting thousands of views. Somehow those two elements don’t go together but it’s popular. We’ll just keep chugging along doing what we do because we enjoy doing it and hopefully you do to. If there’s something else we can do to get the word out about NC breweries and their beers, we’d love to hear it! We are going a little rogue when we post a video of beer from “across the border” later this week but that’s only a slight change.
Who We Are
We’re the NCBeerGuys, Carolina Glenn and Dave – we drink beer produced here in North Carolina and share our opinions on them here and on our website at at Remember to Drink Local and keep your beer dollars in North Carolina.

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