Taking the Beltline Brew Tours

The awesome thing about craft breweries, besides the great beer, are the brewery tours they offer. Larger breweries or smaller warehouse types, you would think every tour would all be the same – each brewery regurgitating the same information about the process and what the equipment does. For as many as we’ve been on, I’ve been impressed with them all because it’s all about presentation. The content is generally the same but it’s how they engage the audience that makes the tour great. Most breweries have tours and if you wanted to visit a few, you get out your GPS and drive to each one. Wouldn’t it be great if you could be “chauffeured” to a few of them, leaving the driving to someone else? Welcome to the Beltline Brew Tours!

This past weekend we enjoyed the Raleigh edition of the Beltline Brew Tour. The current tour starts you off at Natty Greene’s, takes you out to Lonerider Brewing, Roth Brewing and then finishing back at Natty Greene’s. Will is the tourmaster of the bus and the guide to each brewery. Once there, you are served with three samples of selected beers and then a full pint of your choice beer. You’re given plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beers before heading for the brewery tour.