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Taking the Beltline Brew Tours – Durham Version

Just when you think that one brew tour is just like another and when you do three in a row, it would be like watching TV repeats all day long. We just did the Beltline Brew Tour for Raleigh two weeks ago so three more in Durham would be more of the same but it couldn’t be more from the truth. Brewery tours are about engaging the beer enthusiasts, accommodating not only newbies but veteran homebrewers too. If the tour guide is dry and is simply spewing facts about beer and what  equipment does what,  the audience is lost and all they look for is time at the tasting bar. So far, we have not encountered this type of brewery tour (yet).
Seth Gross at Bull City Burger and Brewery
First stop is Bull City Burger and Brewery which opens at exactly 11:11am. Seth Gross didn’t take the group through the brewery area since it’s in a room with glass walls and visible from the dining area. He started with the basics of what beer is made of and brought out the ingredients for everyone to see and taste. It’s amazing that barley can be sweet and, depending on how long it was kilned, can taste like chocolate. He described the difference between ales and lagers to make it understandable for all and went on to explain how to drink beer to get the full flavor and aroma and to not just drink it. He did briefly go over the process of brewing and how each piece of equipment is used. His presentation was full of energy and his approach was very unique and intriguing.
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