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Month: June 2013

The Four Horsemen are (from Left) Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and David Franco

Trick of Treat? Triangle Mentalist Magician Joshua Lozoff Says “Now You See Me” Is a Treat!

Magic is in the air, and the surprising $28.1 million splash (plus $600,000 internationally) that Now You See Me made during its first weekend of release (May 31-June 2) continues to ripple through the nation’s multiplexes in a way that spells S-E-Q-U-E-L. What’s unusual about Now You See Me is that the most recognizable names… Read More ›

Short and Street – Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion at the American Dance Festival

I’ve been excited to see Pavement, the new work by Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion, since I first heard about it almost a year ago (I even tweeted about it!). His work, The Radio Show, at the American Dance Festival in 2012 seamlessly combined beautiful movement with a meaningful, moving and cleverly told story of a family dealing with… Read More ›

Katja Hill (left) and Lormarev Jones will perform "Rough Draft: A Night of New Solos," on June 28th and 29th at Common Ground Theatre in Durham

Common Ground Theatre Showcases New Solo Works by Katja Hill and Lormarev Jones

Advertised as two works-in-progress, the latest offering at the Common Ground Theatre in Durham is entitled Rough Draft: A Night of New Solos. The two one-act plays performed by their female playwrights, Lormarev Jones and Katja Hill, are as different as the women themselves. With minimal sets, the actress-playwrights presented their works to a small,… Read More ›

The Heat

Melissa McCarthy Brings “The Heat”

Women are funny. Especially Melissa McCarthy, a live wire capable of anything. Sandra Bullock can be funny, but in a buttoned-up, run-of-the-mill romantic comedy kind of way. “The Heat” pairs the two actresses together, hoping that their opposite personalities can strike comedy gold. Bullock is Ashburn, a pant-suit loving FBI agent sent to Boston in… Read More ›

BOOK REVIEW: László Krasznahorkai’s War & War

Hungarian writer László Krasznahorkai took America by storm in 2012 with Sátántangó. That novel became a hit, and even the seven hour film adaptation by fellow Hungarian Bela Tarr garnered a cult following. Krasznahorkai should continue to make waves in the US this year, with his new novel Seiobo There Below due out next month…. Read More ›