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Canvassing Western Carolina – Part 1

Has anyone suggested having high speed rail that would go from Raleigh to Asheville to Charlotte? I’m thinking ARCHER – Asheville Raleigh Charlotte Hyper Express Rail. If you’re into NC craft beer, and I fully expect you are, those are the three major cities for beer in this state. It’s a four hour drive from Raleigh to Asheville and three of those hours should be better spent enjoying the wonders of the brewers instead of driving. A nice high speed Mega-Triangle rail would boost the economy by transporting people and/or craft beer around the state. It’s just a thought…

Our travels this weekend to Western Carolina totalled 918 miles from Friday to Sunday. It was our ambition to cover as many breweries as we could and we set a schedule to stick to. Check out the Gallery from this weekend to see all our travels.

heinzelmannchen11Our first stop was to Heinzelmännchen Brewery in Sylva to do a Beer Buzz with Dieter Kuhn. Dieter was polished with his conversation and made it very easy on us to not have to spontaneously come up with questions for filler.