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Canvassing Western Carolina – Part 2

So with all the activities that happened on Friday, would we be up for everything scheduled on Saturday?? Hell yeah!! Glenn loaded us up all day and we weren’t going to miss anything. The ARCHER wouldn’t have helped in this situation because we’re already out here but it still would have eased up on the driving. So upward and onward, we headed for Waynesville.

bearwaters7Our first stop was Bear Waters Brewing. Let’s just give the inside scoop that when you get on to RT 276, you turn right on Frazier Street and you don’t bother with the first parking lot. Keep heading down the street and when you get to the next driveway, which will be an alley of warehouses on the right, you turn in and go all the way down and it’s on your right. We pulled into the first parking lot and scanned the addresses of each one and found out we didn’t go far enough. The place is big and it’s a giant man-room. Picnic tables, high tables and a long bar. There are bottles, growlettes and growlers everywhere.