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The Legendary Wailers Continue to Rock


The Wailers at Red Hat Amphitheater 8/22/13

Review and interview Mark Alan Peterson, August 25, 2013

IMG_6125The legendary reggae band, The Wailers, were among four bands that recently stopped in Raleigh at Red Hat Amphitheater as part of The LP Tour. Before the show, I had a chance to speak a few minutes with Danglin, the lead singer for the Wailers for the past three and a half years. Initially, I detected that he was a bit road weary and reluctant to give an interview. He entered the backstage lounge with a plate of catered barbecue and asked if he could eat while we talked. I asked Danglin what it’s like to be touring with the greatest reggae band of all time. He seemed to be both humbled and honored to be responsible for singing the immortal songs of Bob Marley. When asked what he liked best, Danglin said, “Carrying on the legacy and continuing Marley’s message, of Rastaman Vibration, of being positive and peaceful.” And what is the worst part of touring? The Wailers play over 250 shows a year, so they are almost constantly on the move. They were scheduled to hit the stage in Michigan in less than 24 hours after the show in Raleigh, nearly 1000 miles by bus. Danglin admitted that he missed his home and family in Jamaica and only gets to see them a few weeks a year. But on the other hand, the band is a second family that makes Danglin feel at home on the road. Danglin then reaffirmed that the brief time he has on stage is really the best part of being a Wailer. At the end of the interview, Danglin revealed that he would not sing that night. It was his birthday. Another singer was standing in to give Danglin a day off to celebrate.

A short while later, The Wailers hit the stage. Danglin’s stand in seemed to enjoy his moment on stage as much as Danglin would have. The singer was extremely animated while belting out Marley tunes. The crowd was on their feet throughout most of the set, singing and dancing along as the Wailers wailed. Danglin showed up late in the set with a tambourine in his hand and a big smile on his face. He seemed to enjoy the positive vibe as much as the rest of us.