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New Book of Never-Before-Seen Photos of Kennedy Family Published

The Kennedys with young Betsy Allen

The little girl with the camera around her neck is Betsy Davis, daughter of Howard Allen and the mayor of Middleburg.

Jackie Kennedy's Happy DaysMiddleburg, VA—A poignant reminder of the lost magic of the Kennedy years—Unforgotten Times includes never-before-seen photographs taken by Howard Allen, who served as the unofficial Kennedy family photographer during the time they spent in the hunt country of Middleburg, VA. The family had a house in Middleburg so that Jackie could pursue her love of riding and to give the children a break from life in the White House. Unforgotten Times is being released on October 13, 2013, in a major launch at the National Sporting Library and Museum, 4-6:30 p.m., in Middleburg, VA.

With text by the photographer, this book provides not only a glimpse into the private life of a very public family, but it also shows us the loving mother Jackie was to Caroline and John.  Many believe that she was never happier than when she was in the country, and that her life in Middleburg was a welcome escape from the pressures of being First Lady. The photographs in this book capture that time beautifully and with great sensitivity. It is being published with the blessing of Caroline Kennedy.

Howard Allen was born and raised in Winchester, VA. Photography has been a lifelong passion, and he even had a small photo darkroom in his home as a youth. After serving in World War II he spent a year at the Art Students League in New York under the G.I. Bill of Rights. His first full time job was as an artist in the Promotion Department of The Washington Post. He then worked as a photographer for three years at a commercial studio in Washington before moving to Middleburg, VA, and establishing Allen Studio. There he photographed people, places and events of interest for almost sixty years. The highlights of these years were the times that President John Kennedy and his family stayed at Glen Ora, their weekend retreat near Middleburg and where Howard was a welcomed guest many times. He is 93.

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