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Month: November 2013

Carolina Ballet Exalted

To set out to choreograph and dance the greatest story ever told would seem like a daunting task, particularly when that story is set to the grand music of George Frideric Handel’s Messiah. The success of Carolina Ballet’s Messiah (choreographed by director Robert Weiss) is in the subtle telling of the story. The story of… Read More ›

“Frozen” Old Fashioned Disney Fun

It’s nice to see Disney go back to its roots. Sure, the Mouse House has all but abandoned traditional animation for their feature films, but the old formula still works. Take a classic tale, like “Beauty and the Beast,” or even a Hans Christian Anderson story like “The Little Mermaid,” throw in some musical numbers… Read More ›

Delivery Man

“Delivery Man” Delivers the Garbage

Vince Vaughn needs to stop. Seriously. His steady decline, which began with “Fred Claus,” has seen the star go from slick, uber-entertaining lounge host to greasy, insufferable lounge host. He needs to change up his shtick and soon. “Delivery Man,” the latest in his long line of safe, unfunny outings, only continues his downward spiral…. Read More ›

GUERILLA THEATRE! Audition for a Great cause.

Chuck Galle, director, actor, author, who has worked in Raleigh back in the 80s is forming a guerilla theatre troupe to perform short, potent, traveling plays, unannounced, in outdoor areas and inside shopping malls etc., for the purpose of heightening awareness of the growing criminal problem of trafficking of humans. Looking for experienced (as well… Read More ›

Help Make the Holidays Brighter for Veterans with the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA

The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA is asking for help in making the holidays brighter for veterans.