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Month: November 2013

Harnett Regional Theatre Meets the Challenges of “A Christmas Story” Head-On

Harnett Regional Theatre recently changed its look, repainting and adding plush new carpet, and is celebrating the welcome change with a can’t-miss performance of the holiday classic, “A Christmas Story,” directed by Vicki Wade. While, at first glance, “A Christmas Story” seems like a simple play to produce, it’s actually anything but. The lighthearted and… Read More ›

“Kindertransport” Plays Emotional Hardball With Viewers

During the nine month period before the start of World War II, nearly 10,000 children residing in Nazi countries were sent to live in the United Kingdom as part of a rescue mission known as the Kindertransport. In her 1993 play, aptly named “Kindertransport,” Diane Samuels relates the fictional account of one such child—precocious Eva… Read More ›

“Ghost” Is a Surreal Visual Experience

Most people have seen the classic (and only slightly melodramatic) 1990 film Ghost, and as is the case with so many iconic films these days, Ghost has been given new life in the form of a major musical. The musical, now onstage at DPAC, offers a sweet, romantic storyline and extremely impressive special effects that… Read More ›

“Ghost the Musical” Combines Stage Presence with Film Technology at DPAC Now Through Nov. 17th

With dazzling technology, Ghost the Musical opened at the Durham Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, Nov. 12, to a large crowd and broke hearts with its incredible love story all over again. Few movies make it to the stage with the same impact that audiences felt during the original screen version, yet Ghost defies the… Read More ›

Ken Clement and Will Blum will star as Santa Claus and Buddy in "Elf the Musical" on Nov. 14-17 in Raleigh Memorial Auditorium (photo by Amy Boyle Photography)

“Elf” Brings Christmas Cheer to the Triangle

Let’s just be honest about what Elf the Musical really is, at its core: fluffy fun. It’s not out to make an impact or change the world; it’s out to put a smile on your face and, if it’s lucky, to put you in the Christmas spirit in early November. Thankfully, it’s successful on both… Read More ›