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Beer Lovers’ Nightmares & Dreams: Is Your Country One Of Them?

Travel-and-Beer_thumbnailDo you know what nationality drinks most beer? It turns out the biggest number of beer-lovers live in Czech Republic. They adore their favorite beverage so much, that they drink as much as 419 beer bottles per person every year! How well does your country fare compared to them?

So, did you know:

  • Where will you find the cheapest beer in the world?
  • Which nationality spends the most on beer?
  • What are the best-selling beer brands around the world?
  • In which countries beer prices are ridiculously expensive?

I drink beer to supplement my bones with vitamin D and prevent bone degeneration. Saying that makes me feel I’m making a healthy lifestyle choice every time I pop a bottle. I could be, at least according to the International Journal of Endocrinology that had published a study on the health promise of beer (you can also check our previous infographic that matched beer against wine for health benefits).

But here’s the better news—beer can be dirt cheap in some corners of the planet. If you’re traveling and you enjoy a couple bottles of beer (and some more) after a day’s tour, our infographic will help you find the country where you can get really cheap “vitamin D shots”.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to Central/Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia; both regions can get you drunk really cheap. Vietnam and Ukraine are the hands-down winners with beer at fifty nine cents per bottle.Other beer-friendly countries include: Cambodia, Czech Republic, China, Serbia, and Panama.

On the other hand, if you’re a heavy drinker, better avoid the Middle East. Not because alcohol is officially banned in many countries there (you can drink in designated places), but they have the priciest beers in the world. In Iran one beer is equivalent to 13 bottles in Ukraine!

The infographic also calculated which countries pay most and least for beer every year based on consumption and beer price. If you drink much you pay much, right? Germans are the third heaviest beer drinkers in the world. As expected they’re one of the biggest spenders, too, shelling out $235 per year on the alcohol.

But just southeast of Germany, things are different in Romania. Talk about enjoying both worlds–Romanians are one of the heaviest beer drinkers; they’re also one of the least spenders on the alcohol. But we encourage you to drink moderately… and pay moderately, too.