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An Open Heart Inspires Actress Jane Seymour by Jill Hammergren

An Open Heart Inspires Actress Jane Seymour’s Original Watercolors and Oil Paintings at Upcoming Raleigh Exhibit

by Jill Hammergren

Artist and her workFrom early childhood, Jane Seymour has loved drawing, painting, and expressing herself through art. Though, many people know her from her numerous acting roles in films like the James Bond movie Live and Let Die, and Somewhere in Time, which has a cult-like following, and the comedy classic, Wedding Crashers. Seymour also earned multiple Emmy® and Golden Globe® awards for movies such as Onassis: The Richest Man in the World, East of Eden, the mine-series War and Remembrance and of course, her role as Dr. Quinn on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. But these days, Seymour is just as likely to be probing the depths of her feelings about the world around her as she brings images to life on canvas or sculpting with clay or designing jewelry.

I have always loved art,” Seymour said, “I was always taken to museums and art galleries. I would love the Impressionists, I remember falling in love with Chagall, when I first saw his work and Monet and Renoir and Degas and of course, I was a ballerina, as well so those really spoke to me. Art has always been something that I do for me, something that’s healing.”

Seymour’s original watercolors and oil paintings will be on display at the Mahler Fine Art Gallery in Raleigh beginning February 21.

I paint what is beautiful,” said Seymour, “I will paint children on the beach because it reminds me of being a little girl of what the impact of going to the beach was and watching the waves crash and playing with the sand and trying to build castles and hope that the water wouldn’t take them away. I paint mothers and children because I am a mother of six, so the whole idea of the bond between a mother and child is important. I’ve always had a passion for flowers and color and nature. So, I paint flowers, but when I paint each individual flower head—these are either flowers I’ve grown or flowers in my home or that I’ve photographed, I paint from them but I specifically pick flowers that have a lot of character to them little quirky to them.”



Seymour finds art therapeutic.

Art has always been something that I do for me, something that’s healing,” said Seymour, “Especially about 24 years ago, I went through a terrible divorce, lost everything financially and emotionally. My mother had always told me that when life is tough, and you felt that something was insurmountable, your instinct would be to close off your heart. But, if you could accept what had happened, reach out to help someone else there would always be someone worse off than you.

Lady in the Garden


Her mother’s words of encouragement have been the inspiration for Seymour’s Open Hearts sculptures and jewelry collections.

The Open Hearts are very impactful to people,” said Seymour, “Because they understand the message and it is very much a universal symbol of giving and receiving love. You can’t give or receive love with a closed heart. So, that really resonates with people.”

Seymour hopes her art connects with audiences.

My art really reflects who I am so some of the paintings are joyous. Some of the paintings are reflective,” said Seymour, “Some of them are quite abstract but there is still an element of something that has to do with nature and is discernable and relatable.”

Seymour will be in Raleigh discussing her art on Saturday, February 28 and Sunday, March 1. RSVP’s are required for those events.

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