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The shoes make the woman.

The shoes make the woman


Dance Review

~Every girl should have a fairy Godmother~



The Carolina Ballet ended their 2014-2015 dance season on a high note with their new production of Cinderella performed on the stage of the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium May 14th-17th.


Carolina Ballet’s Artistic Director Robert Weiss took a classic story of true love and presented it in true style on the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium. Add the talented dancers of the Carolina Ballet and live music composed and played by Karl Moraski, and you are sure to have a hit.


In fact, you can’t have Cinderella with out a beautiful princess. Margaret Severin-Hansen danced so light and effortlessly on the stage, she made us all wish we could fit into the glass slipper.


There would also be no true love without a Prince Charming! Richard Krusch draws us into his world when he sees Cinderella appear on the top of the staircase at the ball. Cinderella and Prince Charming fall in love as they dance around the ballroom. However, when the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella flees the ballroom. The “clock” was ingeniously portrayed by 12 dancers of the Carolina Ballet: Alyssa Cadiz, Ginny Dempster, Rebekah Elam, Elmily Fong, Elena Huang, McKay Lucas, Ava Munn, Reagan Razon, Emma Rotella, Eleanor Sandeson, Tillie Spoor and Allie Swartz.


Of course, the fairy Godmother, played by Lindsay Turkel helped to make the whole evening come to life for Cinderella by helping her with her ballgown and also warning her of the stroke of midnight.

A very creative choreographed scene was at the end when the Stepmother, Lisa Apple, and the Stepsisters, Alicia Fabry and Randi Osetek tried desperately for one of the daughters to fit into the ballet slipper. Finally, Cinderella (Margaret Severin-Hansen) has a perfect fit to the matching slipper and finds her true love with Prince Charming (Richard Krusch).


All ends well in Cinderella’s world, and the audience is feeling rewarded and uplifted. But, as an added bonus, we are given a second part to the evening!


Artistic Director, Robert Weiss, welds his magic again with his choreography of Spartacus & Phrygia. Our dancers Lilyan Vigo and Marcelo Martinez performed a passionate pas de deux to music of Aram Khachaturian, Adagio from the full length ballet. Spartacus & Phrygia is a romantic ballet about a man and woman. It was sensual and powerful with powerful lifts.



Lastly, the evening concluded with In The Gray, a new piece choreographed by resident choreographer Zalman Rafael. This piece was performed to Violin Concerto No. 1 by Phillip Glass. In The Gray was set to a fast tempo and gave a staccato feel. The practiced dancers (Jan Burkhard – one soloist). The lighting and costume choices kept our attention on the center of the dancers. Some of the choreography employed a non-traditional look such as heel leads. This gave it a new interesting look. In The Gray appeared to be an audience favorite as the Carolina Ballet received several standing ovations.


This final program from the Carolina Ballet for the 2014-2015 season provided a wide range of dancing. It had something for everyone all wrapped up nicely on the stage of the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium. As a sneak peak for the next seasons performances, get your season tickets now because there will be some well loved favorites and some honoring the great works of William Shakespeare. It will be a season not to be missed.


Written by:

Susie Buck

ISTD: A++,B+, C+, D+

Adjudicator, Choreographer, Dance Coach

The shoes make the woman.

The shoes make the woman.