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Shen Wei Dance Arts

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Shen-Wei Balloons

The American Dance Festival was proud to celebrate their 82nd anniversary by kicking off the season with Shen Wei Dance Arts, celebrating their 15th anniversary of their founding at ADF. This incredible performance was held June 11th-13th at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Internationally renowned Artistic Director, Shen Wei is known for his skills as a choreographer, director, dancer, painter and designer. He was one of the lead choreographers for the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing.

Shen Wei draws on influences of traditional Chinese culture and arts, European Surrealism, American high modernism, and the ritual power of ancient drama. These varied influences give the Shen Wei Dance Arts an original and striking performance, that it is a pleasure to have them dance for the ADF.

Shen Wei, Artistic Director

Shen Wei, Artistic Director

This season, Shen Wei Dance Arts performed two completely different works. The first work, “UNTITLED NO. 12-2”, was choreographed by Artistic Director, Shen Wei. The Shen Wei Dance Arts performed alongside Shen Wei’s latest painting series, “Black, White, and Gray” (2013-2014). This piece is designed for 12 dancers who use abstract compositions that mirror the paintings surrounding the dance. A very interesting piece that the audience applauded enthusiastically with appreciation.

Shen Wei Dance Arts

Shen Wei Dance Arts

The second work entitled, “MAP”, choreographed by Artistic Director, Shen Wei used the use of set designs to help create the feeling of “maps or paths”. The audience was amazed when they entered to see the stage filled with 7 immense balloons. This was definitely a high piece. The dancers were using rotating of the joints, bouncing and suspension and movement initiated from the core. The entire piece was captivating. The Shen Wei Dance Arts consisted of Catherine Coury, Gwendolyn Gussman, Jordan Isadore, Kate Jewett, Burr Johnson, Cynthia Koppe, Janice Lancaster Larsen, Russell Stuart Lilie, Chelsea Retzloff, Jennifer Rose, Gage Self, Zak Ryan Schlegel, Austin Selden, Alex Speedie, Andrea Thompson, Michael Wright and Ricardo Zayas. I apologize if I left a dancer out because they were all incredible.

Shen Wei Dance Arts

Shen Wei Dance Arts

I am sure we will have the pleasure of seeing Shen Wei and the Shen Wei Dance Arts back again with the American Dance Festival.

If you missed this show, the ADF is still going on with other performers throughout July 25th. You really need to get tickets and see one of these incredible shows! 

To purchase tickets for upcoming performances, contact the ADF at: 919-684-6402.

Susie Buck

ISTD: A++,B+, C+, D+

Adjudicator, Choreographer, Dance Coach

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