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Twin City Stage Announces Auditions for Proposals


Basic CMYKTwin City Stage will hold auditions for Neil Simon’s Proposals at 7 p.m. on Monday, December 7 at the Arts Council Theatre, 610 Coliseum Drive, Winston-Salem. No appointment is necessary.

A warm summer day in 1953 finds the Hines family – Burt, daughter Josie, and housekeeper Clemma – awaiting the arrival of Burt’s ex-wife for a visit to their cabin in the Poconos. When Josie’s old boyfriend and Clemma’s estranged husband show up at the same time, romantic entanglements ensue for one delightfully funny and poignant afternoon.

Stan Bernstein will direct Proposals. There are roles available for 5 men (ages 22-60) and 4 women (ages 22-45). Specific character descriptions follow:

Josie Hines – mid-20’s, athletic, determined and intelligent
Burt Hines – mid-50’s, Josie’s father; a recovering workaholic who has just had his second hard attack
Clemma – mid-40’s, the family’s housekeeper; African American, smart, motherly, no-nonsense type
Ken Norman – mid-20’s, a preppy, intense Harvard Law Student
Ray Dolenz – mid-20’s, an attractive, athletic, aspiring writer
Annie Robbins – late-40’s, Josie’s mother, attractive, sophisticated
Vinnie Bavasi – mid-20’s, a Miami gangster who speaks strangely
Sammii – mid-20’s, a beautiful but dim-witted model
Lewis Barnett – mid-40’s, African American, Clemma’s estranged husband who has fallen on hard times


Proposals performance dates will be February 5-7 & 11-14, 2016. All performances will be held at the Arts Council Theatre. For more information, please call Twin City Stage at (336) 748-0857 x209 or visit the website at