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Viral Popularity Of Hit Single ‘We Love Raleigh’

1- Totty Oak City Album Press Release (small)

Totty Announces New Album ‘Oak City’ After Viral Popularity Of Hit Single ‘We Love Raleigh.’

Bryan Totty, featured on ABC News and The News and Observer is a rapper by the stage name of Totty. He released ‘We Love Raleigh,’ a culture driven music video for the software company Red Hat. The music video has become widely popular among local Raleigh residence and has also spread globally. Because of the success of the single, he recorded the album ‘Oak City’ and used the single ‘We Love Raleigh’ as an anchor for the album concept. ‘We Love Raleigh’ is a company specific song, but the album ‘Oak City’ is Totty’s own views and experiences. This provides additional freedom which allows Totty to entertain audiences with hypnotic lyrics and complex technical rap verses

Totty creates memorable and melodic choruses while rapping fast with story driven lyrics. His inspirations come from rap, rock, and pop elements that are uniquely woven into his own “in your face” style. ‘Oak City’ captures the life of Totty, a musician who performs, struggles, and is torn through a myriad of life altering situations. The album begins with rap driven pop elements, but shifts into heavier and darker subjects. Totty has created a style of his own that introduces subtle missing connections between genres and has proved to be unique and successful.

Red Hat Employee Makes Viral Rap Video About Raleigh
Red Hatter raps: ‘We love Raleigh’

‘We Love Raleigh’ Music Video

The first debut of the ‘We Love Raleigh’ music video was exclusive for internal audiences. An event was hosted at Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC with an audience of 1,000+ people. The music video was first revealed in front of the audience during an annual Halloween event. To end the event, Totty performed the song in front of the packed Lincoln Theatre crowd and it was extremely well received! See for yourself with the below live footage.

Totty- We Love Raleigh (Live):

Soon after the internal release, Totty received hundreds of emails from employees at different global offices from around the world. The positive response to the music video included locations throughout the United State and other countries, some of which are Australia, Brazil, The Czech Republic, India, Ireland, Japan, and The United Kingdom. In support of ‘We Love Raleigh,’ many people requested that Totty write modified versions for their cities and countries to help represent their teams. It became so widely popular that people wanted to share the video with their friends and families. As a result, the video became public.


‘We Love Raleigh’- A Red Hat Music Video:

‘We Love Raleigh,’ as well as 14 other featured tracks can be found on Totty’s ‘Oak City’ album, which is available via all major online retailers.

3 Group Back (small)

Totty- Oak City

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