The Aug. 4th Eyes Up Here Comedy Showcase Was an Evening Full of Laughs at Neptune’s

According the website Know Your Meme, “My Eyes Are Up Here” is an expression typically used by women to remind men that they should maintain eye contact with the female speaker, instead of staring at her breasts. As a longtime fan of stand-up comedy, we must say that we are always tickled to see very funny, very talented local comics. On Friday, Aug. 4, at Neptune’s Parlor in Raleigh, the Eyes Up Here Comedy Showcase scored high marks on both counts — all six performers kept us laughing (and thinking).

Host Erin Terry kicked off the evening by sharing humorous perspectives on what she refers to as “my sad life.” She mentioned the two items that she purchases most frequently at the grocery store, and she shared a little information about her Snoopy’s Famous Hot Dogs & More connection. Terry returned after each act to introduce the next.

Next up was Aaron Cardwell. Among other enlightening tidbits, she shared a new vocabulary word: “shame pocket.” It seems we all have one in our cars.

Then Maddy Gross (recently returned from LA) shared insights on her own appearance and ethnicity. Who knew that there is an ethnic origin of the phenomenon known as “helicopter parenting?”

Brittany Spruill entertained us with an Apple Store experience. And she educated us concerning “how to tell if a black girl thinks you’re funny.”

Deb Teitelbaum amused us with the idea of being “afraid of the mean girls.” Apparently, mean girls are held together by a “covalent bond.” That explains a lot. And she alluded to something that we could call a “cougar license.”

Josephine Mwamba, a.k.a. Comedian Jose, was the final act. A highlight of her material was examples of “sex tactics.” “Walking the dog” now has a new meaning! And Jose worked the crowd with her own version of “The Love Connection.”

All six comics shared original material that was both funny and enlightening (often ironically so!). BONUS: All six also passed visual inspection.

Eyes Up Here Comedy Showcase is a regular on First Fridays at Raleigh’s Neptune’s Parlor (14 W. Martin St.)

Eyes Up Here also has shows at other venues throughout the Triangle. For details, click And these featured comics also do solo gigs.

We recommend keeping an eye out — to try to catch their shows. There will be loads of laughs to make it worth your while.

P.S. Erin Terry’s birthday shares the date with the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

EYES UP HERE COMEDY SHOWCASE (Eyes Up Here, Aug. 4 at Neptune’s Parlor in Raleigh, NC).




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