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Open Doors Short-Play Festival Showcases the Work of Local Dramatists, Directors, and Actors

On Sept. 7-9 and 14-16, Sonorous Road Theatre & Film Studio is staging its Third Annual Open Doors Short Play Festival, which showcases the work of local directors, local writers, and local actors. We’ve got a great pool of talent in our area, and events like this allow them all to shine.

There were lots of familiar faces along with new talent, too. It’s an evening of ten 10-minute plays; and at this type of event, there is something for everyone. Friday, Sept. 7th, was opening night; the audience was super excited to see the new plays; and some writers even seemed to have had their own cheering sections.

The set is bare bones, in order to be flexible enough to accommodate all 10 shows; and the action takes place at ground level, giving an intimacy to the stories unfolding before us.

Some of our personal favorite plays include:

Portrait of Laura, written by Gus Allen and directed by Mike McGee, which is a soap opera of a story, with layer upon layer of twisty absurd turns that had the audience in stitches;

Look Before You Leap, written by Annie Taft and directed by Lu Meeks, which explores the things we might do and say in the face of death;

Two Late, written by Allen Maule and directed by Gus Allen, which is a relatable tale of a woman who may miss her plane because she is being detained by the TSA agent at the gate. Heather J. Strickland embodies what many of us feel when faced with airport travel. Yet, what starts as a frustrating hassle, interestingly becomes more of an exploration of the human condition. It was a really great story.

And our personal favorite of the evening had to be Waiting, written by Amy Lloyd and directed by Spencer Nunn. Waiting, which explores what happens when an uptight wife meets her husband’s lover in a hospital waiting room. Jennifer Daly’s Charlene was the perfect foil for Elaine Quagliata’s terrifically uptight wife. The dialogue felt authentic and these ladies really nailed their parts.

Honorable Mention goes to Dear Stephen, written by Andrea Rassler and directed by Beau Clark, with its gritty portrayal of three generations of women and their secrets.

At the end of the evening, audience members gets to choose their personal favorite play. Which one will you like the best? Join Sonorous Road Theatre & Film Studio on Sept. 9 and 14-16 for an evening of fun and games, and support our local theater.

Sonorous Road Theatre & Film Studio presents its THIRD ANNUAL OPEN DOORS SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL at 3 p.m. Sept. 9, 8 p.m. Sept. 14 and 15, and 3 p.m. Sept. 16 in The Royal Bakery Building, 3801 Hillsborough St., Suite 113, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607.

TICKETS: $18 ($14 students, seniors, and active-duty military personnel), including fees.

BOX OFFICE: 919-803-3798 or

INFORMATION: 919-803-3798 or

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