Kip Moore – “After the Sunburn Tour” at the Ritz

Kip Moore, Manny Median & David Nassie. ©MMphotography 2018

Well this is a first for me. Actually two. I was the ONLY photographer to shoot the Kip Moore show and the opening acts did not allow photos. So I will say nothing of the opening acts because they didn’t want media coverage. So thank you Kip for caring for your fans! 

Kip Moore. ©MMphotography 2018

After the Sunburn Tour” started this fall, kicking off in September after finishing the Plead the Fifth Tour last December. This is a country rock show, so even with the outdoor temperatures in the low 50s, there were still a few women in cowboy boots and shorts. But definitely no sunburns. 

Kip Moore & Manny Median. ©MMphotography 2018

Kip comes out in a black button-up STAFF shirt with the sleeves cut off, playing his Fender Telecaster guitar. His raspy voice sending shivers down the ladies spines as he starts the show with Fast Women. In all, Kip is energetic and entertaining. Bouncing around the stage between verses with his band members. 

Adam Browder & Kip Moore. ©MMphotography 2018

The tour band consists of guitarist Adam Browder who has been with Kip since the beginning in 2009. Bass player Manny Median, Erich Wigdahl on drums and the newest member David Nassie on guitar whom joins the band this year. 

Kip Moore. ©MMphotography 2018

Kip was busy working three projects, one of them, Room to Spare is a acoustic EP releasing this November 16.  The tour looks to be switching to a acoustic tour November 23rd – December 8th. 

Kip Moore. ©MMphotography 2018



Kip also involved in give back to the community with Kip’s Kids Fund. The Fund’s first project is Comeback Kid Skate Spots which create customized skate spots. Please visit for more info and to donate

By Michael Macsuga

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