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Month: March 2019


Hozier Hozier (Andrew Hozier-Byrne), an Irish singer and songwriter, performed at the Duke Energy Center the day before Saint Patrick’s day. Promoting his new album, Wasteland, Baby!, just released on March 1st. On March 11th, Wasteland, Baby! hit number 1 on the US Billboard 200 list as the most popular album of the week.  … Read More ›

We Applaud Paul Newell’s Writing of, as Well as His Acting in, The Devil and Mark Twain

It’s great to spend an evening with an old friend, and it’s especially great when you feel as though “You were there” when your friend experienced a profound transformation. Anyone even remotely familiar with the works of 19th century American author/humorist Mark Twain will experience that feeling attending Full Nelson Theater’s The Devil and Mark… Read More ›

Ty Myatt and Reanna Kicinski star as Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker (photo by Tanya Young)

NRACT’s Bonnie & Clyde Is Fun on the Surface … with More Underneath

Everyone knows the story- or at least some of the story- surrounding Bonnie and Clyde, famous outlaws who went on a bank-robbing and shooting rampage in the 1930s. However, NRACT’s production of Ivan Menchell’s Bonnie and Clyde, under the direction of Jeri Lynn Schulke, reveals a more sympathetic and (mostly) honest take than the myths… Read More ›

Brit Floyd- 40 Years of The Wall

Brit Floyd, the world’s greatest Pink Floyd tribute show, returns to the stage in 2019 with its most ambitious and best production yet, a very special 40th Anniversary retrospective of Pink Floyd’s iconic rock opera, ‘The Wall’.

The cast includes (from left) includes Ben Levi Ross as Evan, Aaron Lazar and Christiane Noll as Larry and Cynthia Murphy, and Maggie McKenna as Zoe Murphy (photo by Matthew Murphy)

Dear Evan Hansen at DPAC Explores Life in the Digital Age … and Just Life Period

Sometimes, life has a way of getting out of control. One tiny lie or misunderstanding spins out into something almost unrecognizable. This is exactly what happens to the title character in DPAC‘s production of Dear Evan Hansen. Directed by Michael Greif, this Tony-award winning musical jumps right into the troubled, anxious head of teenage Evan… Read More ›