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Whisky Myers at the Ritz

Whisky Myers at the Ritz


I have to say I was not really looking forward to this show. What I heard on Spotify was just not doing it for me at all. They came off as a pop rock band. No energy, no power. I stopped listening after 4 songs.

Cody Cannon                                                            ©

But at the show the music was more energetic. Sounding more like a county/southern rock band. I don’t know what Spotify was feeding me,  maybe all their ballads from 11 years ago?

Cody Tate                                                                ©

Cody and Cody are the founders of the group in 2007. Cody Cannon (lead singer and guitar), Cody Tate (lead and rhythm guitar) and John Jeffers (lead and rhythm guitar, back up vocals). Added was Jeff Hogg (drums) and Gary Brown (bass) to form the band as their popularity grew.

John Jeffers                                                    

Their last album, Mud, reached #1 on the iTunes country charts in 2016 and the song, Stone, hit #9.

Tony Kent and Jeff Hogg                                                                                                                                                           ©

Current members today are, Cody Cannon, Cody Tate, John Jeffers, Jeff Hogg, Tony Kent (added as percussionist in 2016) and Jamey Gleaves (replacing Gary Brown on bass in 2017).

Jamey Gleaves                                                        ©

Cody Cannon                                                           ©