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Month: April 2019

The Carolina Ballet will present Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, with live music by the Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle, on May 16-19 in Raleigh Memorial Auditorium

May 2019 Triangle Dance Calendar

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the Triangle Review’s Master Dance Calendar for the entire month of May 2019. If your productions are not listed in this calendar, please e-mail the SHOW TITLE(S), DATE(S), LOCATION(S), and the name of the PRESENTER(S) to, and be sure to e-mail all your news releases and publicity PHOTOS — with… Read More ›

Murder for Two Is a Hilarious, Must-See Mash-Up of Music, Comedy, and Murder

Fun and hilarity abound in North Carolina Theatre’s latest production of Murder for Two, a hilarious musical comedy written by Joe Kinosian and Kellen Blair, under the direction of J. Scott Lapp. This unique whodunit mystery is like nothing viewers have seen before. That’s because only two piano-playing actors carry the whole script, including innocent-faced… Read More ›

Politics and Religion Clash Comically in NRACT’s Presentation of Jason Odell Williams’ 2017 Political Comedy Church & State

Politics and religion. These two things go hand in hand. Our country believes in the separation between church and state, but the reality is that politicians must embrace their party platform in order to get and stay elected. Conservative politicians are seen as God-fearing, gun-rights advocates, whereas liberals tend to advocate setting limitations on the… Read More ›

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Rainbow Kitten Surprise at the Red Hat Amphitheater, April 27th Review by Wade Giddens – Photos by Michael Macsuga Before last night’s show at Red Hat Amphitheater, I only knew one song from Rainbow Kitten Surprise. I feel like RKS gave me and all their first time concertgoers the surprise. I didn’t expect this kind of… Read More ›

Kudos to the North Carolina Theatre’s Rendition of Murder for Two, a Refreshing New Musical, Wonderfully Entertaining and Great Fun

If you were to let two incredibly talented actor/pianist/dancer/comedian/improvisers loose with the concept of a murder plot, with one a wanna-be detective and the other playing all 13 suspects, you might be lucky enough to see a show such as we saw last night. The North Carolina Theatre‘s production of Murder for Two in the… Read More ›