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Grant Freeman’s An R-Rated Magic Show Is a Couple of Hours of Wonder, Accompanied by a Generous Measure of Somewhat Raunchy Humor, Wit, and Sarcasm

Comedy magician Grant Freeman presented his R-Rated Magic Show at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 24th, in the A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater in Raleigh, NC’s Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts

Grant Freeman’s An R-Rated Magic Show falls into a category known as comedy magic, and he is a master of the genre. His self-imposed rating of “R” is well-earned by some of the adult language, themes, subject matter, and sight gags that he uses. Really, though, there is nothing truly offensive (to the adult mind) in his material — just a couple of hours of wonder, accompanied by a generous measure of somewhat raunchy humor, wit, and sarcasm.

Accompanied by hard-driving music as he hit the stage, Freeman kept a sold-out house in nonstop stitches (as well as a state of awe) during his Saturday, Aug. 24th, show in the A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater at Raleigh, NC’s Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts.

His tricks involve everything from Rubik’s Cubes to magic coloring books, to cards, ropes, balloons, and rabbits. Several of his routines involve audience members who eagerly volunteer to join him on stage. The magic is as amazing as the comedy is funny.

Much of the humor in comedy-magic comes from the comic/magician’s commentary as the feats are performed. Some comedy magicians fall into the trap of either “trying too hard” or “not hard enough”; but Grant Freeman manages to walk the fine line between under- and overdoing it, keeping just the right balance between his twin art forms. Indeed, he has a style that keeps his audience off-balance just enough of the time, so that their wonder at the cleverness of the feats of magic is never distracted or undercut by the humor and wit of the commentary.

Freeman’s act includes an interesting variation on one of Harry Houdini’s famous escapes, his own (most likely unique) version of the pulling-a-rabbit-out-of-a-hat routine, a plethora of unexpected sight gags, and a few assistants (who may have managed to land their job as a result of Affirmative Action).

If you have a favorite person with whom to share laughs, An R-Rated Magic Show is definitely a good way to start a top-notch evening.

Grant Freeman performed An R-Rated Magic Show on Aug. 24th in the A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater

AN R-RATED MAGIC SHOW (Grant Freeman, Aug. 24 in the A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater in the Duke Energy Cemter for the Performing Arts in Raleigh, NC).

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