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2 Guns

“2 Guns” Nothing More than a Paycheck Ride

Fade in. Two cops from opposite ends of the spectrum in every way — looks, demeanor, even department — are framed by drug dealers or their boss, forcing the pair to go on the run and clear their names. What’s the title, you ask? “Tango & Cash.” Maybe “Lethal Weapon.” Maybe its just one cop,… Read More ›

“Red 2” Needs a Dose of Energy

Combining tongue-in-cheek humor with outlandish gunplay and an everything old is new again mentality, the first “Red” became a sleeper hit back in 2010. Based on the comic series by Warren Ellis and Cully Hammer, the film followed a bunch of retired CIA agents in their golden years as they showed the uppity youngin’s how… Read More ›

“Jack Reacher” a Fun Actioner

In Lee Child’s best-selling novels, Jack Reacher is 6’5″ and 250 pounds, an imposing and intimidating man. Tom Cruise is 5’7″, maybe 150 pounds and isn’t anywhere close to being imposing or intimidating. Yet Cruise plays the popular character in “Jack Reacher,” based on Child’s “One Shot,” the ninth book in the Reacher series. Jack… Read More ›