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Ian L. Finley’s The Greeks Explores the Oedipus Trilogy on June 9-25 at CAM Raleigh

You might already know how Oedipus Rex is going to end. If you do not, but you know what the Freud’s “Oedipus complex” is, you can likely predict the play’s climactic realization. In the mid-Fifth Century BCE, Sophocles — arguably the most celebrated Greek tragedian in history — wrote a trilogy collectively known as the… Read More ›

Awkward Elephant Project presents "Slipping" by Daniel Talbott on Jan. 3-6 in Burning Coal Theatre Company's Murphey School Auditorium, near Raleigh's Historic Oakwood Section

Awkward Elephant Triumphs Again with “Slipping”

Daniel Talbott’s coming-of-age story, “Slipping, is a play that should be seen, though it may prove a struggle for those with faint hearts or delicate sensibilities. But those are the very ones who should attend this story of queer youth striving, fighting; yearning for normalcy.

Directed and Performed by Youths Aged 17-20, “Columbinus” Delivers a Powerful Anti-Bullying Message

This show is about all the things that teenagers so desperately need to say, but often don’t have the words to express, and about the way all teenagers’ thoughtless actions and careless words can wound their fellow students so deeply that they feel like outcasts at their own school.