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the ice merchant Dr Paul Boor

The Ice Merchant by Paul Boor, MD is A Surprisingly Captivating Read

The Ice Merchant, a novel from physician-author Paul Boor takes us from upstate New York, down the Mississippi River, and into Galveston, Texas.    Through winding and interesting story, Dr. Boor reveals a few dark secrets in the life of the  central character, Nicholas van Horne and a post-Civil War America. Mr. van Horne, an enterprising… Read More ›

New Directions’ Lispector Collection is a Winner

Clarice Lispector is an often overlooked figure in Western literary circles. Or at least she was – her popularity in the English speaking world is on the rise, mainly due to translations of her work published by New Directions in 2012. New Directions continues to show exemplary taste in producing high quality translations of South… Read More ›

Review of Wittgenstein’s Nephew by Thomas Bernhard

Wittgenstein’s Nephew by Thomas Bernhard is, like the much of the Austrian author’s oeuvre, a strange beast. On display are the usual hallmarks of Bernhard’s prose: a monologue simmering with rage, a mordant sense of humor, and the feeling of tottering on the edge of madness. At first glimpse it appears forthright and pleasantly sincere,… Read More ›

BOOK REVIEW: László Krasznahorkai’s War & War

Hungarian writer László Krasznahorkai took America by storm in 2012 with Sátántangó. That novel became a hit, and even the seven hour film adaptation by fellow Hungarian Bela Tarr garnered a cult following. Krasznahorkai should continue to make waves in the US this year, with his new novel Seiobo There Below due out next month…. Read More ›