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Melinda Whittington and Edward Parks star as Ada and Inman in Cold Mountain (photo by Eric Waters)

Jennifer Higdon’s 2015 Opera, Cold Mountain, Surpasses the 1997 Novel and the 2003 Film

We love opera. The larger-than-life voices, the costumes, and the stories. When we go to the opera, we expect a certain amount of grandeur. Yet, even with these high expectations, when we walked into Memorial Hall at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and first laid eyes on the stage, we were both… Read More ›

Tim Eriksen Shapenote

Shape Note Singing Workshop with Tim Eriksen | May 23

Singer, multi-instrumentalist, and ethnomusicologist Tim Eriksen, who contributed extensively to “Cold Mountain,” leads a shape-note singing school in Cary on May 23.