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Dot stars Rishan Dhamija as Fidel and Kathryn Hunter-Williams as Dotty (photo by HuthPhoto)

PlayMakers Rep Eschews Holiday Schmaltz in Favor of Colman Domingo’s Tragicomic Dot

I have stood in this kitchen. I have had these conversations. I have experienced these fears and joys. You might have, too. Philadelphia, PA-born African-American playwright and screenwriter Colman Domingo’s realistic tragicomedy Dot is running at PlayMakers Repertory Company through Dec. 10th. Domingo, a Tony Award®-nominated actor, dancer, director, and playwright, has crafted characters that,… Read More ›

Dot stars at PlayMakers (from left) Samuel Ray Gates, Adam Pool, Kathryn Hunter-Williams (seated), Shanelle Leonard, and Rasool Jahan (photo by HuthPhoto)

Colman Domingo’s Dot at PlayMakers Rep Is "A Dizzy, Dysfunctional Family Reunion to Remember"

PlayMakers Repertory Company will present the regional premiere of Philadelphia, PA-born African-American playwright and screenwriter Coleman Domingo’s 2017 adult comedy, Dot, which PRC dubs “A dizzy, dysfunctional family reunion to remember,” on Nov. 22 and 24-26, Nov. 28-Dec. 3, and Dec. 5-10 in the Paul Green Theatre in the University of North Carolina at Chapel… Read More ›

Lisa Ramirez in "Exit Cuckoo" (photo by Carel DiGrappa)

Lisa Ramirez’s “Exit Cuckoo” Turns a Gimlet Eye on Nannying and Motherhood

Playwright/performer/nanny Lisa Ramirez interweaves her own story with vivid vignettes of nannies from Ireland, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. She also paints unforgettable portraits of a pragmatic personnel-agency executive, a distraught grandmother who moved into Manhattan from the Bronx only to find herself competing for quality time with her grandchildren’s nanny, and mothers who begin to second-guess their decisions to try to “have it all.”

Lisa Ramirez stars in "Exit Cuckoo" (photo by Samantha Marble)

In “Exit Cuckoo,” Ex-Nanny Lisa Ramirez Exposes the Myth of Motherhood

“Exit Cuckoo” playwright and performer Lisa Ramirez says, “[This] is a one-woman show that exposes the myth of motherhood. The title refers to the cuckoo bird, which leaves its eggs in other birds’ nests and the other birds assume responsibility for the unborn bird.”