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The Man with the Golden Gun

Back when $1 million actually meant something, an assassin who charged this for a confidential “custom” hit, was a big deal. And in 1974, Francisco Scaramanga, (a tall, limber and stately Christopher Lee) was the best: always armed, and worthy of his steep fee an international reputation. As the title song promises: “If you wish to get rid of someone, the man with the golden gun will get it done.”

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Diamonds are Forever

The coolest of the ‘James Bond Originals’ at the Colony, #7 of the first eight James Bond films presents a mod, 70’s primer on all things hip, while taking us on a multi-continent search for stolen stones.  Out to eliminate the evil Ernst Stavro Blofeld (a sinister, smiling, pipe-chomping Charles Gray), the cool Connery Bond… Read More ›

‘Cool Classics’ at the Colony

There’s only one thing better than a series of classic Bond films—a series of classic Bond films on the big screen. And thanks to the Colony Theatre, that’s what Raleigh is being treated to right now. Starting back in June, with the first 007 thriller: “Dr. No,” and playing in chronological order, the Colony ‘James… Read More ›