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Lights Up on the New Sonorous Road Studio

No business intends to pack up and move house after only two years in action. When North Carolina State University bought the standalone space at 209 Oberlin Road, the Sonorous Road Film and Theatre Studio had to take the show on the road. The Royal Bakery building on Hillsborough Street, to be precise. Right across… Read More ›

For the past eight Christmases, playwright/performers Jeffrey Moore and Rachel Klem have starred as Meemaw Hussy and Lorraine Dodson in A Trailer Park Christmas at Durham's Common Ground Theatre

This Year’s Tacky, Uproarious Trailer Park Christmas Is Common Ground’s Swan Song

Common Ground Theatre co-founder Rachel Klem has appropriately decided to stage, for the eighth year, her original one-act A Trailer Park Christmas, making it the last production before the 13-year-old theater’s imminent closing later this month. With the decades-long traditional winter productions of Raleigh Little Theatre’s Cinderella and Theatre in the Park’s A Christmas Carol,… Read More ›

For the past eight Christmases, playwright/performers Jeffrey Moore and Rachel Klem have starred as Meemaw Hussy and Lorraine Dodson in A Trailer Park Christmas at Durham's Common Ground Theatre

CGT’s Multimedia Trailer Park Christmas Features Song, Dance, Karaoke … and Snacks

Written by Rachel Klem and Jeffrey Moore and directed by Klem, A Trailer Park Christmas is a multimedia show. Nine actors perform live onstage, playing 20 characters. Over half of them, accompanied by another 12 characters, also appear in videos that play on the big screen TV. There’s song, there’s dance, there’s karaoke, and there… Read More ›

Mark Cornell’s Two Turtle Doves at Common Ground Theatre Is 90 Minutes Well Spent

Common Ground Theatre’s production of Mark Cornell’s Two Turtle Doves provides an hour and a half of nonstop entertainment. Under Shelby Hahn’s direction, the pace never lets up, keeping us engaged from beginning to end. The script contains witty dialogue and poignant situations. Even though there are only two characters onstage, we are given a… Read More ›

Little Green Pig’s Maccountant Is a Bloody, Funny Shakespearean Tale

It’s not a new idea: updating a Shakespearean classic for a modern audience. A change in setting and style can make the language more accessible to our lazy ears. And so it is with Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern’s current production of Maccountant, playing Sept. 3, 8-10, and 15-17 at Common Ground Theatre in Durham…. Read More ›

Summer Sisters 2016’s Of Women & Wolves Is Snappy, Funny, and Provocative

Of Women and Wolves is an original production created by Summer Sisters 2016. “[W]ritten by women [and] directed by women[,with] a cast of at least 50 percent women, and … as many women as technical workers and designers as possible,” Of Women & Wolves is a Sister Show to the 2016 Women’s Theatre Festival (WTF),… Read More ›

Tiny Engine Theatre Company’s Cloud 9 Was Provocative and Sublimely Acted

Last weekend, Tiny Engine Theatre Company — co-founded by Laurel Ullman and Paul Sapp — wrapped up its second calendar year of productions with English playwright Caryl Churchill’s rarely produced 1979 treatise on identity politics, Cloud 9. The apparent reason that Cloud 9 is performed so rarely is that it can be a little difficult… Read More ›

Strong Performances and Lots of Laughs Make Tiny Engine Theatre Company’s Cloud 9 Worthwhile

Tiny Engine Theatre Company’s production of English playwright Caryl Churchill’s 1979 comedy, Cloud 9, which completes its three-week run on June 23-25 at Common Ground Theatre in Durham, is definitely a comedy for mature audiences — and smart mature audiences at that. The farce begins in 1880 in a dwindling outpost of colonialism in Africa,… Read More ›

The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe Delivers the "Cleanest Dirty Fun You’ll Ever Have!"

From out of Hillsborough, about three years ago, was born the Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe, a most unusual group of entertainers — burlesque queens, you might call them, although they include a guy now, who mightn’t appreciate the term. And they early on developed a purpose greater than striptease and applause: supporting the… Read More ›

Jane Holding and Justin Johnson star in Small and Tired (photo by Alex Maness)

Kit Brookman’s Small and Tired Is an Emotionally Charged Dramedy of Greek Proportions

Ancient Greek dramas and Shakespeare’s plays are presented in new and different ways every year, because they encompass family dramas that continue to feel contemporary. They are stories of dysfunctional families. Think Romeo and Juliet, in which two feuding families can’t even talk to each other (who doesn’t know this story?). Or Antigone, in which… Read More ›

One Song Knocks the (Snow) Ball Out of the Park One More Time with Almost, Maine at Common Ground

We have been unabashed advocates for One Song Productions for three years. The group, comprised entirely of high schoolers (and some college students) from the Chapel Hill area, with only high schoolers on their board of directors, has consistently put up shows that have achieved high theatrical standards. Almost, Maine by John Cariani lives up… Read More ›

One Song Productions Will Stage Almost, Maine on Dec. 3-5 at Common Ground Theatre in Durham

We have been singing the praises of One Song Productions since we first encountered them three years ago with their production of Denial by NPR commentator Peter Sagal. On Dec. 3-5, they will stage Almost, Maine by John Cariani — the most produced play in high schools in North America — at Common Ground Theatre… Read More ›

Awesome Team Productions' Percolator Sock Raiser was performed one time only, Saturday, Nov. 28th

On Nov. 28th, the Percolator Sock Raiser Raised $1,022 to Benefit the Durham Rescue Mission

Awesome Team Productions’ Percolator Sock Raiser: A Benefit for the Durham Rescue Mission — performed one time only, on Saturday, Nov. 28th, at Common Ground Theatre in Durham — consisted of Master Class students of Wild Mind Improv with Anoo Tree Brod, the Estesstentials (a high school group), Fatmouth Improv (introduced as the hardest-working improv… Read More ›

Bare Theatre’s Titus Andronicus at Common Ground Theatre in Durham Is Shakespeare with a Twist

In true-to-form Bare Theatre style, this all-female production of William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus begins with a bang! The preshow curtain speech has aspects of a “pep talk,” and Friday night’s audience responded enthusiastically. Then Saturninus and Bassianus burst into to theater, campaigning for the office of Emperor. They shake hands with audience members, give them… Read More ›

Rebecca Blum (center) stars as illustrious Roman general Titus Andronicus (photo by Yorgason Photography)

Bare Theatre’s All-Female Production of Titus Andronicus Makes an Indelible Impression

Titus Andronicus is a perfect entertainment for closing out the Halloween season. There is blood and gore galore, but Bare Theatre has managed to keep the graphical part of gore to a minimum. Titus Andronicus is considered to be the Bard’s least performed play. Originally, it was very popular, written, some say, to join the… Read More ›

This Critic Refuses “The Shipment”

Triangle Arts and Entertainment apologizes profusely to Black Ops Theatre, Little Green Pig, and Common Ground Theatre for the “review” previously republished on our site. We are associated with Triangle Theatre Review, a theatre newsletter, in that the publication requests to republish some of its reviews on our site. However, we would NEVER condone a… Read More ›

Tiny Engine Sputters with “5 Lesbians”

Tiny Engine Theatre Company, one of the many new theater companies popping up in the Triangle in recent time, is presenting its third offering to audiences: Evan Linder and Andrew Hobgood’s farcical romp and 2012 New York International Fringe Festival winner, 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche, which will play from July 30th through Aug. 2nd… Read More ›

The cast of "5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche" includes (clockwise from left) Liz Webb, Erica Heilmann, Laurel Ullman, Noelle Barnard Azarelo, and Pimpila Violette (photo by Sylvia Freeman)

Tiny Engine Theatre Company’s Rendition of “5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche” Is Absurdly Delightful

Just when you thought you had attended every type of meeting of every type of society, you find yourself invited to the 1956 Annual Quiche Breakfast of The Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertrude Stein! And they even give you a name tag! On opening night for Tiny Engine Theatre Company’s July… Read More ›

The Bottom Line Is Burlesque and Comedy and Big Hearts

In the spirit of the original burlesque troupes, The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe’s performances consist of a lot of music, a bit of dancing, some comedy, and a little bit of striptease, but The Bottom Line takes it one step further and gives back to the community with every performance. On Saturday night,… Read More ›

Debra Kaufman’s “Harbor Hope” Is a Good Attempt at Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse

The PlayGround: A Theatre Cooperative and Common Ground Theatre co-production of Harbor Hope, a new one-act play written by Debra Kaufman and directed by Joshua Benjamin, is a good attempt at raising awareness of domestic abuse. Kaufman has crammed a bit more story than she tells into this examination of familial abuse and the efforts… Read More ›

One Song Productions Will Stage “Cyrano de Bergerac” on May 28-30 at CGT in Durham

Regular readers may remember that we like to promote and support One Song Productions, a theatrical troupe made up entirely of Chapel Hill and Durham area high school students, who operate without adult supervision. They do it all, from choosing scripts to striking the sets; and their work has been commendable for over 10 years… Read More ›

“Recall” Is Fresh, Unique, and Wonderfully Eerie

When a play begins as Eliza Clark’s Recall does- with a frenzied-looking mother and daughter in a dingy hotel room with a blood spot on the floor- it’s obvious it’s going to be a little different. And “different” is certainly an apt description for this intriguing and unique offering from Tiny Engine Theatre and director… Read More ›

The Tiny Engine Theatre Company will present Eliza Clark's 2012 psychological thriller, "Recall," at 8 p.m. on April 1-4 at Common Ground Theatre in Durham

A Flawed Script Doesn’t Keep Eliza Clark’s “Recall” from Being Both Poignant and Enjoyable

Actress and playwright Eliza Clark, whose résumé includes playing Jessica Buchanan on TV’s “One Life to Live,” and directing many productions at Yale University, has written some plays that notably lack something, and usually it is information. The audiences are left to decide a lot for themselves while wrestling with questions that are larger in… Read More ›

Brilliantly Layered Performances and a Unique Script Make “Mr. Marmalade” a Dark Success

One Song Productions is a youth theatre company, based out of Chapel Hill, that is fully run by high school students. That in and of itself is impressive, but the youthful company has really outdone itself with its recent production of Mr. Marmalade, a quirky and unique play by Noah Haldle, directed by Jones Bell… Read More ›

One Song Productions’ Presentation of “Mr. Marmalade” Will Probably Shine

We have never faltered from confessing being impressed with the work of One Song Productions, a company of local young people doing drama with very adult themes. One Song, which is completely run and staffed by high-schoolers from the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area (so their full complement changes every year), has been the source of high-level… Read More ›

Common Wealth Endeavors Presents Two Unique and Engaging Short Plays

Common Wealth Endeavors is a relatively new theatre company in the Triangle whose mission it is to bring English speaking plays from outside of the US to the American stage. Right now, it’s currently treating viewers to two funny and meaningful short plays, performed back to back. These plays are Jess Sayer’s witty and intriguing… Read More ›

The cast of "Elevator" by New Zealand playwright Jess Sayer includes (from left) Mary Guthrie, Susannah Hough, and Amanda Hahn (photo © Alex Maness)

Common Wealth Endeavors’ Twinbill of “Elevator” and “Contractions” Is Uncommonly Good Theater

Director and founder of Common Wealth Endeavors, Gregor McElvogue says, “… [A] wealth of literature expresses the unique cultures of vastly disparate people in a single common language.” He refers to English-speaking peoples; Common Wealth Endeavors is designed to bring some of the drama of those cultures to our theaters. In their current offering, produced… Read More ›

ArtsCenter Stage and Common Ground Theatre presented "Hands Up: 6 Playwrights, 6 Testaments," monologues by Dennis Allen, Idris Goodwin, Glenn Gordon, Eric Holmes, Nathan James, and Nathan Yungerberg, on Feb. 5-7 at CGT in Durham

Hands Down, “Hands Up” Was a Compelling Experience for Both Cast and Audience

Hands Up: 6 Playwrights, 6 Testaments, first produced in November of 2014 and presented locally on Feb. 5-7 by ArtsCenter Stage and Common Ground Theatre, is precisely what the title says: six independent monologues written by Nathan James, Nathan Yungerberg, Idris Goodwin, Glenn Gordon, Eric Holmes, and Dennis Allen II. It was commissioned by the… Read More ›

One Song Stages a Spirited Teen Production of “Blithe Spirit” Dec. 4-6 at Common Ground Theatre

With this production of Blithe Spirit by Sir Noël Coward at the Common Ground Theatre in Durham, One Song Productions lives up to the high standards we have come to expect of their efforts. In case you don’t recall, One Song is completely run and operated by high schoolers from the Orange County area. They… Read More ›

The cast for "Crooked" includes (from left) Amber Wood, Ana Radulescu, and Leigha Vilen (photo by Common Ground Theatre)

In “Crooked,” a 14 Year Old with a Twisted Back Embarks on a Hilarious Spiritual and Sexual Journey

Skydive Productions and Common Ground Theatre, in conjunction with the Ladies of Triangle Theatre, will present Crooked on Nov. 13-15 as part of Common Ground Theatre’s “Small Series.” Athens, GA-born Hays, KS playwright Catherine Trieschmann’s 2008 Off-Broadway dramatic comedy will be directed and designed by Jules Odendahl-James and Amanda Hahn, with design assistance from Sonya… Read More ›