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How Often Do You Get to See William Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline” in the Triangle? Not Often Enough!

We can’t recall even knowing of a production of Cymbeline in the area; and it appears to have been performed only three times in the past couple years in the U.S., if Google can be relied on. For us, this raises the question, why that would be? A little more research suggested some think it… Read More ›

Fiasco Theater's rollicking rendition of "Cymbeline" will run Feb. 2-4 as part of the Duke Performances series

Fiasco Theater Will Perform William Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline” on Feb. 2-4 in Duke’s Reynolds Theater

“I have never seen a ‘Cymbeline’ as easy to follow as this one” wrote Ben Brantley in The New York Times. “For once, the play itself really is the thing. This plucky troupe credibly portrays incredible feats of derring-do; brings elaborate battle scenes to life, and organically blends music into the action. The lucid, modest performances let the comedy, poignancy and unlikely magic of Cymbeline surface gently and naturally.”