Dial Up ACL and RLT’s Pixilated Production of Sarah Ruhl’s “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” for Laughs

"Dead Man's Cell Phone" concludes its three-week run on Feb. 2-5 on Raleigh Little Theatre's second stage

Actors Comedy Lab and Raleigh Little Theatre have a sure cure for the mid-winter blahs. Triangle theatergoers dial can dial up ACL and RLT‘s pixilated production of “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” for laughs. The show sags in some places, but cast members really sink their teeth into their juicy roles.

“Dead Man’s Cell Phone” Is an Offbeat 2007 Comedy

"Dead Man's Cell Phone" will run Jan. 20-22 and 26-29 and Feb. 2-5 on Raleigh Little Theatre's second stage

“Cell phones, iPods, wireless computers will change people in ways we don’t even understand,” playwright Sarah Ruhl [says]. “We’re less connected to the present. No one is where they are. There’s absolutely no reason to talk to a stranger anymore — you connect to people you already know. But how well do you know them? Because you never see them — you just talk to them. I find that terrifying.”